We all know that the premise of 90 Day Fiancé is that an engaged international couple meets up in America for some serious drama, and half the fun is finding out if they stay together and actually make it down the aisle. So when it turns out that one of the couples might actually have already gotten married way before filming ever started, well, it turns into a bit of a s–t show. That’s what’s happening right now with Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Cohen, and fans are pretty much freaking out. But did the couple actually get married in Indonesia? Well, it might be a little more complicated than it seems.

The drama all started when a 90 Day Fiancé fan account shared what looks like a wedding photo of Eric and Leida on Instagram. “Eric and Leida got married in Jakarta on November 30, 2017 in front of her friends and family,” they wrote. “Their second wedding in the US was intended for Eric’s friends and family.” Of course, the comments started rolling in immediately, with fans writing, “So much fakery… Don’t appreciate having to wonder what is true and what is not,” and, “They cheated us!”

Other fans immediately started searching for clues, scouring the stars’ social media accounts for evidence one way or another. In a YouTube video that Leida posted in December 2017, she explains in the caption that Eric is “now [her] husband,” which would suggest they had recently tied the knot. Fans also pointed to her conservative family allowing them to stay in the same room together and travel alone, which would suggest that they weren’t unmarried at the time. In January, Leida shared another YouTube video about her dress fitting, clarifying that “the wedding dress [she] chose for [their] wedding in the Unites States doesn’t fit.” That wording would be a little strange if they were only having one wedding.

One fan even reached out to the couple directly to confirm with Leida that she had come to the United States on a K-1 fiancé visa, not a CR1 conditional resident visa used for married couples. Still, fans weren’t convinced, suspecting that they could’ve just neglected to fill out the necessary paperwork in Indonesia so that they could expedite the process. After all, K-1 visas are typically processed faster than CR1 visas, which means that Leida would be able to move to the States a few weeks earlier if they were just engaged rather than married. In addition to confirming which visa they used, though, the couple also released a statement defending themselves and explaining the mixup.

Eric Rosenbrook Denies Marrying Leida In Indonesia In 2017

“Just so we’re clear on the picture of us floating around out there and the article about us being married in Jakarta: It was a commitment ceremony,” Eric shared in an Instagram story. “Nothing more. It allowed us to travel her country together alone. They don’t allow unmarried, non-related men and women to travel alone together. No documentation was filed with either Indonesia or United States. It was strictly symbolic. If you doubt this, go ahead and inquire with the State Dept. or State of WI.”

The explanation made sense, but it didn’t exactly cover why Leida would be calling Eric her “husband” if they’d only had a commitment ceremony and not a wedding. Of course, having a wedding doesn’t necessarily make you legally married, either — that takes plenty of paperwork which the stars are claiming they never filled out. But some fans still just aren’t buying it. When blogger John Yates shared the screenshot with his followers, they wrote back, “Eric and Leida think 90 Day Fiancé viewers are that clueless and have never travelled.” Another comment read, “Everything with this couple is lies, lies, lies.”

Eric was also in the comments, though, defending himself once again. “I’m telling the truth,” he insisted. “This is what happened.” Whether you believe him or not, well, that’s up to you.

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