Here we go again! Jill Duggar is now being accused of being a hypocrite and using her Latina goddaughter to prove she's not racist after her husband Derick Dillard posted a picture with his son Israel, 3, playing with blocks with the caption, “Israel helping Trump build ‘The Wall.’ LOL!" On May 21, Jill posted photos from her goddaughter Aivah's kindergarden graduation. She captioned the pic "#proudmadrina," which means godmother in Spanish. Fans found her family's support of the wall to be hypocritical when they have Latina friends.

"You’re with Latinos but you want that wall to be built… y'all funny as f–k?," wrote an angry commenter. Another agreed, saying, "Funny how Derick taught Izzy all about the Wall to keep people out, and here you are showcasing your 'brown' friends. Oh the hypocrisy." Another was annoyed that she seemed to be showing off the toddler like a prop to prove a point. "That whole 'I can't be a bigot, cause my bffs neighbours, cousins nephew is gay and I have no problem with him," schtick," they wrote. "What mixed messages poor Israel must be getting. Racism at home and facades in public ?" said someone else.

People were equally mad when Derick posted his "wall" photo one week earlier on May 15. They immediately hopped on and called Derick out for his troublesome behavior. “I’m shocked that someone who preaches love is so racist.This comment reflects poorly on you and your family. I hope the rest of the Duggar family doesn’t support and agree with this comment — it would be a shame to have to stop supporting your family and waching your show after sticking with you all from the beginning. I’m willing to overlook a lot — racism is not one of those things,” one commenter wrote. “I encourage you to look deeply within yourself and ask the Lord for guidance. I’m disappointed in your hypocrisy and will no longer be following.”

Another asked, “I would love to know why a ‘missionary’ who ‘loves Jesus’ would be promoting pure hatred. Pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t be building walls, he was out washing the feet of those less fortunate and loving one another. How sad you promote Christianity but won’t follow it.”

Derick has long been outspoken when it comes to his very conservative social views. He was fired from TLC after slamming Jazz Jennings, a trangender teenager who also has a show on the network. He later called Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s family a “travesty.” Despite that, Jill has always supported him.

In recent years, the Duggars haven’t been as vocal when it comes to politics — though they haven’t exactly made their political affiliations a secret. Josh infamously worked for FRC Action, a lobbying PAC sponsored by the ultra-conservative Family Research Council, which is a nonprofit dedicated to restoring and promoting “family values” in the political world.

Previously, the Duggar family endorsed family friend Mike Huckabee while he was on his quest for the White House — and from 1999 until 2002, Jim Bob himself served as a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives as a Republican.

While Derick has been a vocal supporter of President Trump, he once clarified that he did not necessarily “condone” Trump’s lifestyle, but, rather, he “[agreed] with more of his policies than Clinton’s,” which is why he voted for him in the 2016 election.

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