It's time to put on your Duggar detective caps! Although Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson got engaged in March, fans speculate their wedding may be right around the corner.

A fan took to reddit to reveal a Duggar friend has been sharing details on social media, and honestly, we're convinced. "Duggar friend Krista, who's been in attendance at all the other weddings but is studying in NYC, mentioned on her IG page that she'll be traveling back to Arkansas next week," they wrote. "Previously, when asked on social media when she will return to AK, she said something along the lines of 'At this point, not until another wedding… my work/school schedule is just nuts right now,' then added the disclaimer that she was unaware of any weddings/engagements at the time (And this was only 17 weeks ago! How quickly the Duggar wheel turns)!"

The redditor continued, "Josiah and Lauren announced their engagement in early March, putting them slightly ahead of the normal three-month timeline the Duggars have taken as of late, though with Kendra expecting in June and Jinger expecting in July (and having to travel up from Laredo), I've suspected a late May wedding for a while."

ICYMI, the Duggars have quick engagements, like really quick — and many think it's because of their, uh, urges. On a separate reddit thread, the user who started the discussion, wrote, "[Kendra [Caldwell] and Lauren [Swanson] said they were surprised" about getting engaged, "which makes me wonder if the boys talk to Jim Bob about having feelings or desires about women and Jim Bob doesn't want another scandal so he goes and finds them a wife." Other users quickly chimed in, adding, "I always had a suspicion of this too. Between Josh and Jill both having been quoted by others as 'hormonal' and 'boy crazy' respectively, and then their rather immediate courtships and marriages… it wouldn't surprise me if Jim Bob uses his local celebrity status for that."

With Kendra due in June and Jinger Duggar due in July, fans are thinking the couple will move up the timeline. "I could see Jinger/Jeremy stopping by on their way home from their babymoon. Timing would make sense to me for them to combine the two trips," someone said. A second wrote, "They might have accelerated the timeline because there are two pregnant Duggars. Jeremy could veto Jinger traveling in the last month of pregnancy."

However, since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding will be taking place on Saturday, many think they'll push it back to the following weekend. "Good luck outshining the Royal Wedding! No magazine would pick fundie trash over a once a decade royal wedding!" Another added, "Actually, that's a great point for why they would avoid next weekend! They won't get nearly as much money out of a wedding if it's at the same time as the royal wedding. Can't be having that!" A third, however, said they're "fundie royalty," so it shouldn't be ruled out completely.

Despite it all, a separate source says their wedding date isn't until late next month. The anti-Duggar Facebook page, Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray wrote on May 2, "According to a source, Josiah and Lauren's wedding will be on June 30." Only time will tell!

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