Uh oh. Joy-Anna Duggar got into hot water with some of her followers after she shared a few photos of her son, Gideon Forsyth, cuddling up close to a dog that didn’t seem into the interaction. “‘Hey there, Pudge … I love you, Pudge!’” she began the caption on the pictures of her only child trying to grab at a pug. “I guess Pudge isn’t a fan of hugs.😂 #helovesanimals #GideonMartynForsyth.”

Followers pretty quickly took to the comments to voice their concerns. “It’s not funny to make your dog this uncomfortable,” one person wrote, before they later added, “This is how kids get bitten and then the dog gets blamed. Like I said, the dog is uncomfortable. Good day.” Another individual commented, “Yeah, yeah … I know. He’s a great dog. But no matter what, [you] push ANY dog too far, things will happen very quickly and in general … the DOG is the one punished. Allow the child a touch but then remove him from the face of the dog. Just sayin’ …”

gideon forsyth grabbing dog
Courtesy of Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth/Instagram

A different follower also wrote, “Dogs don’t typically enjoy hugs, and this is how a lot of bites happen. Be careful!” We’re sure Joy, 21, meant well, and thought it was just a cute moment between her son and a pooch. But the commenters did have a point. “The little boy is precious and no doubt loves his dog, but the little dog looks uncomfortable,” someone else responded. “If the dog were to bite, who would get the blame … of course, the dog and it really is not the dog, when it is obvious the dog is showing he is uncomfortable … I love dogs and little people but would hate to see this precious face scarred from a dog who has given fair warning … nobody can be 100 percent sure that a dog would not bite if they felt threatened.”

It seems like the dog might belong to Joy-Anna’s sister-in-law, Anna Duggar, because someone claimed in the replies that she was tagged at one point in the Instagram photo. That might have been a mistake, but if not, the dog could be used to being around her 5 kids. But no matter if Pudge has been around zero kids or 50, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t possibly uncomfortable with the interaction with Gideon, even if the kid was trying to be gentle.

This is not the first time Joy has dealt with negative comments on social media. After the reality star shared several videos about her weight loss journey and wrote “awesome!” in the comments after a fan opened up about her own struggle with an eating disorder, she came under fire for being insensitive. She eventually seemingly responded to the backlash — do you think she’ll do the same when it comes to this new controversy?

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