Actress Chrissy Metz has been the talk of the Red Carpet for the 2019 Golden Globes, but this time it’s not for her killer look. After garnering quite a bit of attention for a hot mic mix-up where the This Is Us star was thought to have called actress Alison Brie “a b–ch” while her mic was still on, Chrissy spoke to Us Weekly to set the record straight about the incident.

“It’s unfortunate people want to say stuff that they don’t know is true or not. Alison and I obviously are friends,” The Emmy-nominated actress told the outlet during the Globes ceremony on Sunday, Jan. 6. “She knows that I would never say something like that.”

Chrissy, 38, also said that Alison, 36, is “somebody that I really revere” and revealed that they “already texted about” the unfortunate confusion.

chrissy metz allison brie
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“It’s kind of terrible. So I’m glad that … I mean, I know the truth,” Chrissy explained. “If you actually listen to the video, I don’t say anything. It’s actually not me speaking about that, so it’s unfortunate.”

The big rumor all started when Red Carpet correspondents AJ Gibson and Missi Pyle were wrapping up an interview with Chrissy. AJ lightheartedly asked if she “knew a girl named Alison Brie” and she scoffed and said, “do I!” When AJ said Alison was on the other side of the carpet, Chrissy just said “oh,” and the camera switched over to Alison’s interview. However, Chrissy’s mic stayed on a few moments more, and she could supposedly be heard saying, “I’m like ‘do I?’ She’s such a bi…” before the audio cut off.

We could debate this for the rest of our lives, but TBH, at this point, the whole possible ‘b–ch’ situation could be the next Yanny/Laurel. Either way, we do hope Chrissy and Alison can put this little issue behind them. The last thing we need is two strong babes being pitted against one another!

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