Has Grover gone completely nuts? People swear that in a new clip making its way around the internet, they can hear the Sesame Street character drop the “f-word.” But others say people are turning a perfectly innocent sound bite into something it’s not. It’s the new Yanny/Laurel debate, and it’s tearing the internet apart!

In late November, a Twitter user posted about the new sound phenomenon, but it only just went viral at the end of December. (I mean, to be fair, some people don’t have a lot to do between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so…) They wrote, “I know there’s lots of serious news out there, but Grover is dropping f-bombs on Sesame Street. I feel this is newsworthy and symptomatic of the current state of the nation. #sesamestreet #groverfbomb,” and included a clip in which some people are sure Grover is using profanity on the children’s television program. Listen for yourself in the clip below.

Some people are certain Grover said, “Yes, yes, that’s a f—–g excellent idea” in the clip. Others believe he simply said, “Yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea,” and that there’s nothing nefarious happening on Sesame Street, and people need to stop working on ruining childhoods out here already!

To be honest, I can only really hear the “sounds like an excellent idea” option, although I can almost hear what people mean by the f-bomb drop. A lot of people are saying that you can basically trick your brain to hear whichever one you choose — you’ve just got to focus on one choice or the other while you’re checking it out.

Which side are you on in the great “Is Grover swearing or not?” debate? And are we really over Yanny/Laurel and the dress? Because I still have a lot of feelings about those internet sensations.

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