Chrissy Metz, we did not see this coming!

The 36-year-old actress stars in NBC’s newest breakout drama, This Is Us alongside Mandy Moore, 32, and Milo Ventimiglia, 39. Chrissy’s character, Kate is an overweight woman struggling with her self-image. According to a source, the actress is a diva when it comes to her weight.

“She snaps at makeup people, she won’t take direction,” the source explains. “She has fits because wardrobe has the toughest time fitting her!”

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Chrissy has been candid about the fact that her contract included her to lose weight. However, recently she clarified that it does not “mandate a specific workout regimen, any surgery, or include an explicit weight-loss target.”

She added, “You have to use what you have, and I wouldn’t have this role if I had already lost weight. Now it’s about telling a story of a woman struggling with her weight, just as I have and still am.”

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But, is she having too hard of a time on her new show? The source from the set of This Is Us says she has become a nuisance to the cast and crew.

“She boasts she’s lost 100 pounds, but she’s already gained a lot of it back,” the source says. “Now she’s complaining the stress of the show is making her even hungrier! The production assistants have to go through her dressing room and toss out all the junk food she’s stashed away.”

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