When it comes to flawless skin, celebrities seem to have all the secrets. Whether it’s top dermatologists on call day and night or luxe creams that can cost more than our rent, the sky is the limit for many stars’ beauty regimens. But most A-listers also have some surprisingly budget-friendly products in their makeup bags, too.

Alison Brie recently revealed she swears by a product that is not only affordable but also has a cult following. To combat dry winter skin and all other skin ailments, she uses Lucas Papaw Ointment, an iconic Australian product beloved by beauty buffs across the globe.

The “Glow” star said she begins her daily routine with a dab of Lucas Papaw when her skin needs a little extra moisture.

“It’s made from papaya,” she told the Today show. “It’s an Australian product. I use it for my lips or when my face is dry. I use it to take off makeup.”

But there are so many more uses for the famous balm in the little red tube. The ointment can be used as a moisturizer for the skin as well as treatment for cuts, pimples, burns and so much more.

Best of all, this miracle ointment that soothes and replenishes the skin is wallet-friendly and available on Amazon for just $8.

See It: Scoop up Lucas Papaw Ointment 25g on Amazon for just $8. Please note, prices are accurate at the update date of publication, December 31, 2018, but are subject to change.

Made in Australia from freshly grown Aussie papaws, or papaya, the ointment was first created over 100 years ago and has stood the test of time. The all-natural formula has remained unchanged as it was passed down through the generations and still derives its ingredients from Australia.

Fresh papaya is sourced from Queensland and then fermented in a factory. This hero ingredient is then combined with pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly and wax to act as a base. A very small amount of naturally-derived Gum Balsam Peru is also added as a light scent for the balm, which makes it extra pleasing.

That’s all it takes to make this wonder product, which can help cleanse and act as a remedy for plenty of ailments thanks to its anti-bacterial and antimicrobial abilities. The topical ointment can be used to treat many conditions including minor burns, sunburn, rashes, cuts and minor open wounds, chafing, diaper rash for infants, insect bites, splinter and other minor injuries.

Many users have even reported Lucas Papaw Ointment was great for relieving the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema. After all, its creator did nickname it “the world’s greatest healing agent.”

But just like Brie, we love using Lucas Papaw as a lip balm. With a handy applicator tip on a squeezable tube, this ointment glides on the lips with ease. And unlike most lip salves, it doesn’t need to constantly be reapplied. We can tell it’s working right when we dab it on, but it doesn’t feel heavy despite its cure-all capabilities.

Plus, the handy size makes it convenient to carry around. The 25-gram tube will last forever because a little bit truly goes a long way, too. This product is also perfect for year-round use since it treats everything from sunburns in the summer to cracked skin in the winter months.

With a cult following of celebrities, models and top beauty insiders, it’s no wonder Amazon shoppers are also singing their praises for Lucas Papaw. Boasting nearly five stars from over 700 reviewers, most people have called this formula a lifesaver.

Plenty wrote how it helped cure cracked skin, chapped lips and irritated areas. Many have replaced their go-to antibiotic ointments with Lucas Papaw to speed up the healing of cuts, bug bites, rashes and more. One reviewer even said this balm helped soothe her razor burn. Others said this was a much cheaper alternative for treating eczema than many other costlier options.

Several reviewers said Lucas Papaw Ointment was the perfect base to wear under lip stains, which often really dry out the lips. Other fans put it on their lips at night and woke up with kissably soft puckers in the morning. Even more impressive, some beauty buffs use this as a makeup primer to help product go on easier and claim their pores even looked smaller.

Many wrote that they discovered this product while visiting Australia or from an in-the-know Aussie who brought it back as a souvenir to pass on the secret of this magical ointment. Since it’s available on Amazon, it’s great to know you don’t have to travel all the way down under to get Lucas Papaw.

Now, it’s your turn to share the secret!

See It: Scoop up Lucas Papaw Ointment 25g on Amazon for just $8. Please note, prices are accurate at the update date of publication, December 31, 2018, but are subject to change.

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