After being photographed together on several occasions around New York City and Brooklyn, Channing Tatum has seemingly confirmed there is a romance brewing between himself and Zoë Kravitz. He recently followed four of the actress’ fan accounts on Instagram in such a sweet move, and a source tells In Touch that the two are dating but “taking it slow,” adding that they are “absolutely perfect together.”

Channing is now monitoring the accounts zkluv, zoekravitzsource, kravitzupdate and zoekravitzinc. The last account is aware and very proud that Channing is keeping tabs on all things Zoë. When it posted a photo of the pair grocery shopping together on August 25, the photo was captioned, “NEW PHOTOS of Zoë and Channing shopping,” while gushing, “It’s like these two are on top of the world. Unstoppable.” A fan asked, “He follows you?” and the account holder proudly answered “Yep!” with a red heart emoji.

Zoë, 32, and Channing, 41, sure looked like a couple as he pushed their shopping cart out of a market that held a brown grocery bag, a six pack of paper towels and an aluminum cooking tray that contained two glass vases. The Big Little Lies star was close behind him, carrying several bouquets of flowers in her arms and a tan cloth reusable shopping bag. The pair loaded the items into the back of an SUV and drove off together.

The two were spotted having a cozy, laugh-filled stroll in New York’s East Village on August 19, followed by a bike ride where she sat on the back of the cycle and wrapped her arms around Channing’s neck as he pedaled.

The good-looking pair are both legally single right now. Zoë’s divorce from actor Karl Glusman was finalized on August 23, eight months after she filed following their 18-month marriage. Channing had an on-again, off-again, year-long romance with British singer Jessie J that ended in December 2019. He was previously married to actress-dancer Jenna Dewan for nine years, splitting in 2018. They have since been declared legally single by a judge in 2019.

The two are already friends, and Channing is starring in Zoë’s directorial debut, Pussy Island. He plays a billionaire tech mogul who lures a young Los Angeles cocktail waitress to his own private island, but “there’s more to this island than meets the eye. Something she can’t quite put her finger on. Something terrifying,” Deadline reported in June 2021. So, in addition to their romance, there should be plenty of Zoë and Channing sightings to come as they film the project together.

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