He’s beautiful! Breaking Amish and Return to Amish star Sabrina Burkholder first welcomed her third child in March 2019. After months of sharing baby bump photos, she’s finally giving fans a glimpse at baby No. 3, a son named Zekiah. The reality star shared her life updates with fans on Facebook in May. Now two months old, the little boy is beyond adorable — and, according to his mom, “a good baby.”

“Zekiah turned two months old on Monday, 😊” she shared on May 9. “Today he got his shots and Mama is so proud of him!!!! I cried more than he did.😞 He is such a good baby!!! He likes watching Mickey Mouse but we stopped watching Elmo because he doesn’t like Cookie Monster’s voice lol. The pediatrician said he looks good and that he is above average!!”

Sabrina Burkholder Son Zekiah
Courtesy of Sabrina Burkholder/Facebook

On May 11, she continued, “Mama is working on going back to school. I’m scared, but regular jobs bore me to death. I need something mentally stimulating.” The star asked her fans for suggestions, striving to find a good job that could help her support her kids. “I want to give Zekiah the best life I possibly can,” she said. “So I’m going to work my way thru school and get a decent career going [because] he deserves that.”

Back in January, Sabrina exclusively shared details about her new family with In Touch. “I’m excited to have a boy!” she said at the time. “God has redeemed me and I am so grateful.” As far as Zekiah’s father, Jethro Nolt, she spilled that they’ve “known each other for a long time,” explaining, “Jethro’s father is a preacher in the conservative Mennonite church.” She’d also been working on getting healthy.

An addict in recovery, she opened up about giving up custody of her two daughters in November 2018. “It was the best thing to do for them,” she said on the show. Now, she’s trying to do right by Zekiah — and that included eating vegetables even when her pregnancy had her craving cupcakes. “I want to be healthy for the baby,” she said. It’s clear she’s been putting the work in.


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