She’s looking forward to welcoming a bouncing baby boy in 2019. Sabrina Burkholder is expecting a bundle of joy in the next few months and the Return to Amish star opened up about her third pregnancy in an exclusive interview with In Touch. Sabrina talked about the father of her child, what cravings she’s having, how she’s turned her life around, and more.

Sabrina confirmed that the father of her baby is a man named Jethro Nolt, and they actually go way back. “Jethro’s father is a preacher in the conservative Mennonite church and so we’ve known each other for a long time,” the TLC star told In Touch exclusively. The two started dating in 2017 and they’re thrilled about potentially meeting their son in March of this year, which is when she’s due, however Sabrina said on Facebook that she thinks it might be even sooner!

As far as how she’s feeling, Sabrina said, “This pregnancy has been great to me. I feel really good other than occasional tiredness.” When it comes to what she’s craving, “I’ve had country fried deer steak, my mama’s chocolate chip cream cheese cupcakes, and Turkey Hill Iced Tea,” the star dished. “I’ve been eating vegetables for the most part instead; I want to be healthy for the baby.”

Sabrina admitted that she and Jethro are “still deciding” on a name for their little one. “I’m excited to have a boy! God has redeemed me and I am so grateful,” she gushed to In Touch. The pregnant star first shared her story with the world on TLC’s series Breaking Amish in 2012. Sabrina has since returned for the new season of the spin-off series Return To Amish. Most recently, the TLC alum completed an almost six-month stint in rehab and it completely “changed” her life.

Despite dealing with the backlash, Sabrina has been open about her struggles with a heroin addiction, and just last year she confirmed that she signed away custody of her two daughters Oakley and Arianna. They were reportedly adopted by their father’s sister.

While responding to nay-sayers about her third pregnancy on Facebook, Sabrina wrote in her lengthy reply, “I’ve always been honest about the fact that I’ve been far from perfect,” it read. “I messed up a lot. All I can do is try again. Which is what I’m doing.”

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