It looks like Bonnie Jo Chapman may need to take a bit of a break from social media. Just a few months after dealing with the death of her motherBeth Chapman, the young Dog the Bounty Hunter star has admitted that she’s had a lot on her plate. On Wednesday, October 16, she took to her Instagram Story open up to her fans. Though she didn’t give any details, she did share some insight into her situation.

“Haven’t been posting since there’s a lot going on right now,” Bonnie, 20, wrote on the social media site. “[I] will be back when things are better.” Though she didn’t reveal what exactly she’s waiting for to get better, she did give fans a hint. On October 18, she shared a video with fans that showed a room full of boxes, hinting that her impending move is one of many items on her to-do list. “Ugh,” she captioned the clip.

Bonnie Jo Chapman Says There's A Lot Going On Right Now
Courtesy of Bonnie Jo Chapman/Instagram

Earlier in October, the star opened up to her followers about her move as she was advertising her services as a makeup artist. “I just wanna clarify that I will [be offering makeup appointments] ongoing,” she wrote on Twitter. “At the moment, I can’t work at my other job because [of] my injuries. Diego and I are in the middle of a move, and I can’t be too helpful if I’m not working. So I’m doing this to help out, and I’ll keep doing it after.”

The medical issues she mentioned are also something she’s been forthcoming about with her fans. On October 7, while showing off one of her impressive eye shadow looks, she wrote, “My pain just keeps getting worse. 😭Doing makeup hurts my back, but I love it too much to stop.⁣” On another post, she explained, “When doing makeup, I hunch, and it’s really messing with my back. It’s really sad I can’t do much right now, and I’m in the middle of a move so everything is hectic. 😭” On Twitter, she even asked fans about their own experiences undergoing surgery for their sciatica.

She’s not the only member of the family having a health scare. In September, Dog’s Most Wanted star Duane “Dog” Chapman was rushed to the hospital after experiencing a cardiac episode. He returned home after a few days when tests were able to confirm that he hadn’t had a heart attack. However, doctors suspected he was dealing with stress and high blood pressure issues. Luckily, his fans and family had his back, with his rep revealing to In Touch that he was “deeply touched by the outpouring of prayers, love, and encouragement.” Now, hopefully we can send that Bonnie’s way, too.

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