People can be so rude. Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff shared photos from a playdate with her grandkids Ember and Bode Roloff, and a hater decided that was a good time to leave an impolite comment about her granddaughter’s hair.

“What a fun time the other day seeing my grandson, Bode [before] his doctor appt and then a little fun time [with] my granddaughter Ember,” Amy, 55, wrote on January 15. “I love these special grandma moments. I definitely cherish them.” In some of the pictures, Ember has a slightly tousled hairstyle, and one troll commented, “Comb her hair!!!” with a facepalm emoji.

Little People, Big World's Amy Roloff Claps Back at Rude Comment Demanding She Brush Ember's Hair
Courtesy Of Amy Roloff/Instagram

Amy clapped back, “And we wonder where or when or if girls start becoming so self-conscious on [looks?] She was in her element, having fun and I had a great time creating a wonderful moment with her. Sorry, but hair had nothing to do with it.” You go, Grandma!

ember smiling while watching over baby brother bode
Courtesy of Amy Roloff/Instagram

Other fans were completely appalled by the original comment. “Looks like she was having fun and actually playing with her,” one person wrote. “Hair really is not that important for a toddler.” Another remarked, “Nasty, rude comment. As if it doesn’t take all of 10 seconds to achieve this fun and happy look when playing.” Someone else wrote, “I would rather have her hair than your heart. How rude!” (Nice burn!)

Many of the people who replied commended Amy for her response. “Well said!! Ember is beautiful ❤️,” one commented. “Messy hair, don’t care, she’s just little and exactly how she should be!!” We agree!

The reality star is pretty used to clapping back at trolls, unfortunately. When she shared a scary story about her rescue dog, Felix, getting a little too close to a coyote on the farm for her comfort in April 2019, someone commented on her post, “Felix really needs a grooming, Amy.” She wrote back, “I know right! He’s going to get all cleaned up and looking spiffy for Easter.”

In this case, though, the troll decided to try to come after one of Amy’s grandkids. Obviously, that just won’t do! It looks to us like Amy, Ember and Bode had a great time — who cares what the haters think?

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