All moved in? In the newest episode of Little People, Big World, which aired Tuesday, April 28, Amy Roloff is hot on the heels of her engagement to Chris Marek and revealed that she’s very open to the idea of living together. However, in a recent Instagram Live, she admitted that she asked him for “a little space” amid her first big home purchase.

“Last night, we had talked about living together and when that would all happen,” she said in the latest LPBW episode. “I think I am very good with, you know, moving in with him while we’re engaged, planning for a wedding, and a marriage.”

She went on to admit that while she certainly wants to live together, she anticipates needing more time. “But for right now, I’ve got 30 years of stuff to move,” she continued. “I mean, I’d like to get all settled in with the furniture or whatever furniture and stuff, and then  [have him] move in and stuff like that.”

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek

Flash forward seven months from her September 2019 engagement, and the two are still not living together. On Wednesday, April 22, the 55-year-old took to Instagram Live to answer fan questions and revealed that Chris still has his own house. “No, we’re not living together full time,” she revealed. “He is over about four days and three nights, or something like that. We definitely hang out. But he still has his house”

She went on to admit that she’s the one who asked him not to move in right away. “This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this in my entire life — a big financial purchase like this on my own, by myself. Yes, Chris is a part of my life, but this was really my decision and so I kind of told him, ‘Can I just have a little space, just to be in this house all by myself, to relish in the fact that it’s me?’” 

Though he’s not living with Amy full time, the LPBW matron did admit that their relationship has continued to grow. “We have enjoyed the time just getting to know each other on this level being together,” she explained. “Having him overnight and [figuring out] our quirks and our dislikes. [And] how can we let something that may have bothered us before not bother us now.”

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