All for show? Since Matt and Amy Roloff‘s divorce in 2016, the duo’s tension has been a main plot point on Little People, Big World. But on Sunday, April 19, the 58-year-old admitted during an Instagram Live that much of their drama is created for the purpose of having a compelling storyline.

The TLC alum even went as far as to admit that the heated “neck” vs. “flag lot” argument he got into with his ex-wife on the April 14 episode was just a farce! “When Amy and I argued about whether it’s a neck or a flag lot, we were just trying to make television,” Matt said. “We know that those are the kinds of arguments back-and-forth that create interest and people like to hear.”

Matt Roloff Fakes Drama

He admitted that oftentimes, he and his family will push each other’s buttons on purpose when the camera is rolling. “Unfortunately, some people don’t get the humor in all that, they take it real seriously, they get mad at one of us, but it’s all just sort of poking each other in the rib to create some drama,” the father of four continued. “I like to joke with people that I don’t do drama in normal life, I like to only get paid for my drama. So, when we’re doing the show, we create drama. And Amy does, too. We’re both doing the same thing.” Um, does anyone else feel duped?

Luckily, fans didn’t see any exaggerated spats between Amy and Matt in the newest episode of LPBW, which aired on April 21. Instead, the focus was on Chris Marek‘s proposal to the 55-year-old. We’re giving you a detailed look at their engagement in our most recent “Roloff Report” video, and let’s just say, there were a lot of tears.

What we especially loved about the moment was how much of a surprise it was for Amy. After exchanging their anniversary cards with each other, the longtime TLC star admitted that she was anxious about writing a message that was too sappy. “I was nervous about [my card], because I don’t want to say too much, I don’t want to freak him out,” she said. “You know, maybe about what I really wanted to say, or put in a card. But I wanted to say enough, that I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the next month after that.”

Thankfully, Chris was completely on the same page as Amy and dropped down on one knee saying, “It’s been an amazing journey, and you’re the one I want to finish it with.” All together now, aww!

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