They're not in K̶a̶n̶s̶a̶s̶ Alaska anymore! The Alaskan Bush People have said goodbye to the state that made them famous. Recently, the Brown family traded in their modest cabin for a $2.7 million mansion in Beverly Hills, close to where matriarch Ami received chemotherapy. However, since she was deemed cancer-free, the've moved again!

A resident of Loomis, WA reveals exclusively to In Touch that the fam has been staying at a lakefront home in town — where the new season will be filmed — and that they've welcomed them with open arms. "They have been very kind and gracious to all of us. We have all gotten to know them all and they treat us with respect," our source revealed. "Yes, we are a small town but accept everyone who moves here or visits our beautiful place."

They added that the Browns have even been assisting locals with various projects. "I have seen them recently help fill sandbags for residents in the neighboring town of Tonasket to help with the flooding. The only people who have been a problem is the production crew. The building crew stay at a house across from me and have spoken to them often. The family is not staying in a mansion but at Palmer Lake Resort on the lake. We enjoy the family a lot they are one down to earth family."

Although it sounds like they've settled down in the Pacific Northwest — for now, at least! — it wasn't that long ago that Ami and Billy's youngest daughter, Rainy, was spotted in Colorado. Back in November, Inquisitr claimed that the family "traveled to Colorado to begin filming for Season 8."

Executive Vice President of Public Relations for Discovery, Laurie Goldberg, told Radar in April, "We are filming for the new season as we speak." She added that there were several factors that caused a delay in production, including weather-related issues. "First of all, this has been the longest winter in the region where the upcoming season is being filmed," she said. "It is incredibly remote and all of the access roads to the area are closed. It really has been the worst winter ever."

Yikes. Is anyone else confused AF? One thing's for sure, though, they're no longer in the bush!

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