90 Day Fiancé star Yara Zaya had a heated conversation with husband Jovi Dufren after she confronted him about going to a strip club.

“Every single day, I’m wondering, what is your f–king obsession with strippers?” Yara, 28, asked Jovi, 33, in a teaser clip of the Monday, October 16, episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort shared via TLC’s Instagram. “Like, I don’t understand what I’m not giving to you that you every f–king time want to go there.”

Jovi argued that he was “the only guy who didn’t touch a stripper in the whole place,” adding that he only went to the strip club as part of a night out with friends. “We were just trying to have a good time,” he said. “I sat there, I had a drink and I had a good f–king time … I’m a f–king angel.”

Yara made it clear she didn’t believe his excuse and stated that he came up with the plan for the group to go to the strip club. “You’re telling me you’re innocent right now, but that was your idea for them to go over there,” she fired back. “You’re just so obsessed with your f–king stupid strippers all the time. And I f–king look good! You have a beautiful wife and you’re f–king obsessed with the stupid f–king strip club.”

Jovi later admitted he knew Yara would be upset about the strip club, though he said he didn’t expect their conversation to get so intense. “I was just trying to show the guys a fun night, and that’s it,” the reality star said during a confessional. “And knowing that she wouldn’t be overly thrilled with the fact that I was going to a strip club was part of the reason that I didn’t want to tell her. But now I feel like she’s just taking her insecurities out on me and I think she’s making it out to be more than what it needs to be.”

The couple couldn’t resolve the issue because Jovi shut down the conversation after he said he had a headache. He told Yara to “shut up” and stormed out of the room. “This is disgusting,” Yara responded.

Their fight comes one month after Jovi admitted during the September 18 episode that he messaged a stripper he previously hooked up with. After he went to a strip club with costars Asuelu Pulaa and Kelly Brown, Jovi revealed he previously took one of the strippers on vacation before he met Yara and admitted to “smashing” her. He went on to share his plan to message his former flame and ask what nights she was working so the group could meet up with her.

'90 Day Fiance' Star Yara Confronts Jovi After Strip Club Trip: 'You Have a Beautiful Wife'

Unfortunately for the couple, it seems that they have even more problems than Jovi’s interest in strip clubs. During the August 21 episode, Yara revealed she was secretly on birth control while Jovi was under the impression they were trying to have more kids.

“I know I can be adamant about what I want and maybe a little pushy sometimes but I really feel like you blindsided me,” Jovi said in a confessional after Yara told him the truth during a group therapy session. “And you shouldn’t have done this in front of everyone, like we should’ve done this in a private setting.”

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