Fans saw Tyray get catfished by “Carmella” during 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 6, but he’s ready to dip his toe back into the dating pool in 90 Day: The Single Life season 4.

In the season premiere on Monday, January 1, Tyray, 33, revealed that he started “working out” after he noticed that his weight affected his self-esteem. ​

Tyray described himself as a “33-year-old virgin” in the season opener and revealed that he’s never been kissed. His dream woman is Hillary Clinton and his goal is to find someone that can compare to her during this season of The Single Life. He also revealed that he isn’t letting his bad experience of being catfished for four years stop him from being hopeful about his dating journey.

“After being catfished by Carmella, I was heartbroken, but now, I am ready to find love and to take that next leap,” Tyray told producers in the preview for the season.

The Single Life star also mentioned how he recently met a woman named Tiffany at his great aunt’s funeral and wanted to “work up the nerve” to ask her out when he sees her at his cousin’s birthday party. The reality TV star managed to do so, and Tiffany accepted. He then revealed it would be his first date ever.

90 Day Fiance Tyray Reveals He Started Working Out
Courtesy of Tyray/Instagram

Tyray previously opened up about how he turned to food for comfort in stressful situations during his stint on Before the 90 Days. In August, a particularly hateful viewer sent some mail to his home and Tyray alluded to the mail making derogatory remarks about his weight.

“I wasn’t even going to post this but whoever wrote this I appreciate your concern but you shouldn’t be sending letters to my house that’s creepy,” Tyray wrote over a photo of the piece of mail in his Instagram Stories. “Also I chose to do this ’90 Day Nonsense’ and have met some incredible people. Also, I don’t see a check enclosed lol. Weight loss surgery is expensive. I would gladly go have weight loss surgery but it costs money. It’s not as easy as walking into a doctors office and laying on a table there’s a mental aspect too.”

While Tyray admitted to ignoring some of the more obvious signs when he began his relationship with who he believed was Carmella, he also added that certain things were said to convince him she was a real woman.

“What made me have hope still was just that maybe something is just not right, maybe she got cold feet, maybe she was afraid to meet or something like that so that was like my initial thing, like, she’s just joking around because she’s scared, you know what I mean?” he explained in the June 11 episode of Before the 90 Days.

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