Past regrets. 90 Day Fiancé star Tyray reacted to trolls who criticized him for being catfished despite there being clear signs that his long-distance girlfriend, Carmella, had lied about her identity.

“Mainly I am embarrassed about it, like, when I look at it I am like, ‘Dang, I really was pushing and pushing and pushing,’ like it can’t be, you know?” Tyray told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on Tuesday, June 20. “I’m like, damn, I have seen the memes and they are funny because, like, they are what you would expect someone to say like, ‘OK let me just accept it,’ but I never really accepted it and when I watch it, I am just like, ‘Dang, what was I thinking?’ I wasn’t thinking, that’s the thing.”

During his debut episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days on June 4, Tyray explained that he had been dating Carmella for four years after they met on an online dating website.

While he gushed about their connection and her beauty, the TLC personality admitted that they never video chatted and only communicated through Snapchat.

During the June 11 episode, viewers watched Tyray learn that Carmella was actually a man named Christian.

The reality star was initially in denial about the lie, though Christian sent a text message during the June 18 episode that revealed he initially began the relationship to get money from Tyray. “I did start liking him but I can’t be with him,” the catfish’s text read. “I feel so bad but I really needed money. I’m sorry, I do love him but I can’t be with him.”

Tyray told the outlet that “there was so much going on” in his life at the time he met Carmella that he wasn’t focusing on the red flags. However, he does accept responsibility for ignoring the obvious signs.

“I did kind of like set myself up for that because I was just passive,” the California native said. “I didn’t really like, you know, stand on my feet … I wouldn’t say, ‘Oh, you know, this bothers me’ or something like that. I wouldn’t speak my mind in the whole situation.”

He then added that Carmella pushed him to appear on the reality show, which made him believe that she was real.

90 Day Fiance's Tyray Responds to Critics Who Say He Willingly Got Catfished: ‘I Am Embarrassed’

“What made me have hope still was just that maybe something is just not right, maybe she got cold feet, maybe she was afraid to meet or something like that so that was like my initial thing, like, she’s just joking around because she’s scared, you know what I mean?” Tyray explained. “Maybe’s she’s scared to meet or something, or maybe she’s changing her mind so that’s why I was kind of like, you know, let me just see where this goes or where this leads me to.”

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