Another year down! 90 Day Fiancé stars Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester’s marriage hasn’t been all smooth sailing, but the couple put their troubles behind them to celebrate his birthday together by the ocean.

“Fun-filled time with friends and my love,” she captioned a shot of them kissing on the coast of Virginia Beach on Wednesday, October 7.  

Tania and Syngin Kiss
Courtesy Tania Maduro/Instagram

Syngin, 30, and Tania, 30, are clearly going strong, despite the arguments they had throughout season 5 of the series. The South Africa native confessed their romance has been an emotional rollercoaster at times on part 2 of the Happily Ever After? tell-all. 

After they visited his loved ones in recent episodes, he confessed the “unsurety” about whether or not they would have a lasting relationship “did creep in.” Tania said she has always considered her future when making big decisions in life, while Syngin has a go with the flow approach and that caused many disputes. 

The TV stars said their love for each other has reassured them they can work as a couple, but the “main source” of their conflict has been “miscommunication.” Not only do they have different life goals, but also thoughts on having kids. Tania would like to have them one day, while Syngin would be just fine without. They also argued about his drinking on the tell-all, which he felt wasn’t a problem. 

Although they did hit some rough patches along the way, Tania and Syngin are making it work. “If I really didn’t think this was a match, I would have separated,” Tania said, revealing they had been going to marriage counseling.

Tania and Syngin PDA
Courtesy Tania Maduro/Instagram

Back in July, the brunette beauty shared more details about why they gave counseling a shot. “You know, we got together on such a whim and were definitely in vacation mode [at first],” Tania told Fox News, saying they needed assistance to stay in sync so they could form an even stronger bond. “If love was the only thing to make a relationship [work], we would [not] need other help.” 

After his trip to visit family and friends, Syngin has been back in Connecticut with Tania and it appears they are still very much in this together!

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