90 Day Fiancé stars Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester revealed how helpful marriage counseling has been after appearing on season 7 and the TLC spinoff Happily Ever After? While there are perks to being featured on a popular reality television show, Tania and Syngin admitted it also put some stress on their relationship. 

“You know, we got together on such a whim and were definitely in vacation mode [at first],” Tania, 29, told Fox News about why they gave counseling a try in a Friday, July 17, interview. “And we know there’s so much love there. If love was the only thing to make a relationship [work], we would [not] need other help.”  

With some assistance, the brunette beauty is confident they will stay “on the right path and make sure [they are] communicating well with each other.” She believes it will also help them “stay in sync” while striving to achieve their goals together.

90 day fiance tania syngin still together
Courtesy of Syngin Colchester/Instagram

Like most of the couples on the show, Tania and Syngin, 29, have dealt with haters online sounding off about their romance, and it’s hard for them to relive some of those awkward scenes. “[It] brings up like old arguments that we’ve already kind of settled. And it’s like, wait, we’ve already, we’ve gotten past this. We don’t have to go over it again,” she said about rewatching their heated moments.

Syngin revealed he “hates” arguing when they are filming and said he gets “embarrassed,” especially because it gives naysayers something to talk about

Tania said she tries to not let the shady remarks get under her skin because fans often switch up on her anyway. “They’ll say, ‘Run, Syngin, run.’ And then in the same breath saying, ‘Oh, I’m happy you all are working it out.'” At the end of the day, she is “grateful” for the viewers that root for them along the way.

Syngin previously relocated from South Africa to Connecticut to be with Tania. Although they are smitten with each other, they did have some differences. In February, the dynamic duo shared their views on expanding their family during the tell-all.

“We’re kind of skipping around the fact that we don’t talk about it too much because it’s like, do we split if I don’t want kids? Is that good enough to not be together?” Syngin said at the time. “We did get married with some disagreements on our future.” 

They’re not throwing in the towel yet!

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