The subject of having kids continued to be an issue for Shekinah Garner and Sarper Güven on the Monday, November 20 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. The couple got into another explosive argument about the subject and appeared to split by the end of the episode.

Shekinah, who already has a teenage daughter, was frustrated with Sarper for changing his tune about wanting kids. When she told him on their first date that she didn’t want more children, he insisted that he didn’t want marriage or to start a family. However, once Shekinah moved to Turkey to be with him, he changed his mind and began pressuring her to have a child.

On this week’s episode, Sarper told Shekinah that he was “disappointed” in her and said that she should “be more flexible” about the possibility of having a family with him. He threatened that she was “on the verge of losing him” amid the argument. The feeling was mutual, as Shekinah fired back, “If you are going to carry on like this, you will lose me.”

The low blows continued with Sarper telling Shekinah that he would “forget her” in two days anyway. He also told her to book a flight home as soon as possible.

The tension between Shekinah and Sarper has been building for weeks on the TLC show. When Shekinah first moved to Turkey, the pair initially fought over Sarper not wanting to post photos of her on his Instagram page. The arguments got more intense as time went on and talk about the future started coming up.

Sarper has not hidden the fact that he slept with thousands of women before meeting Shekinah. During the November 13 episode of the reality show, he questioned whether Shekinah not wanting kids was “karma” for him previously sleeping with 2,500 women. This set Shekinah off, as she responded, “I asked you to stop talking about your disgusting numbers. F–k off,” and walked away from the conversation.

Shekinah and Sarper met on a dating app while she was visiting Turkey. They stayed in touch when she went home to Los Angeles and she eventually returned to the Middle East to be with Sarper, leaving her daughter behind.

“I don’t plan to have another child, no,” she previously told Sarper. “At this age, it would be like starting over.” Meanwhile, Sarper also fathered a child when he was 18 years old but has never met him or her.

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