90 Day Fiancé star Ashley Michelle clapped back at fans who had a problem with how she and her fiancé, Manuel Veléz, ended their fight in the Sunday, January 14, episode.

“So, word on the street is some cringe s–t went down on a little show you may have heard of,” Ashley, 31, wrote in a caption on her Instagram page. “I think it’s time we made a few things clear: I am a woman fully embodied in my sexuality. Being sexual doesn’t make me or you any less divine. The StarSeedShadows brand is authentic, unapologetic and stands for anyone who desires and deserves to let their freak flag fly.”

Since Manuel’s arrival in the U.S., he and Ashley have constantly been fighting about various things. In the January 14 episode, Manuel told Ashley that he didn’t want to fight with her and asked “what he could do” to make it up to her. The season 10 star then told Manuel to come with her as she walked into a nearby restaurant.

Cameras saw the couple enter the public bathroom together and later viewers heard the two of them as they had sex. To make matters worse, Manuel’s friend Jonathan quietly waited inside the restaurant for the two to finish making up.

“It feels really awkward,” Jonathan told producers.

When TLC posted the clip to the 90 Day Fiancé Instagram page, fans rushed to the comments to give their opinions on Ashley and Manuel’s very public hookup.

“This is disgusting and illegal. They could be charged as sex offenders, the poor employees of TLC and the restaurant and much less us viewers don’t desire, or need this,” wrote one viewer.

Another added, “Those coffee shop employees don’t get paid enough to deal with this.”

90 Day Fiance Season 10 stars Ashley and Manuel

However, not everyone was appalled at Ashley and Manuel’s sexcapades.

One fan chimed in in defense of Ashley and wrote, “I can’t believe all the old hard up prudes. You all act like you never watched worse stuff on TV.”

Ashley surprised audience members when she revealed that she’s a self-proclaimed witch. The Rochester, New York, native elaborated on what that meant during an interview with ET Online in October 2023, ahead of the season premiere.

“I’m a witch, I’m a seer, I’m a healer, I work in spirituality,” she said. “I help people build their online brands in spirituality. I work with tarot, astrology, the Akashic records. I’m all about helping people get to their best version of self,” Ashley explained.

She continued, “That’s what I do and so we use magic to do this, we use manifestation to do this, we use mantra work to do this, we use all sorts of things to do this and shadow work specifically, right? How can we get to the best version of self when we’re not really identifying the things that we are doing and the habits that we are doing to hold us back or create negative feedback loops, you know what I mean? So that’s what it looks like, and yeah, I think I am the first official witch [in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise]. I think there have been some people that may have dabbled in tarot here or there, but this is my job.”

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