Angela Deem declared her wedding to Michael Ilesanmi was “off” after they argued over their cultural differences in front of his aunt Lydia on the Sunday, August 16, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Angela said she refused to be a “submissive” wife, even though that would please his family members.  

The couple was already on edge when the show began, because Angela, 54, wasn’t too thrilled to have to go to counseling in Nigeria to ensure they are “compatible” before exchanging their vows. Michael, 31, explained it was the “process [there] in the marriage registry” and needed to be done in order to get hitched.  

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At the time, they held off telling Michael’s mom about their baby dilemma because Angela felt she already had “too much” on her plate. 

While sitting down with Adeyemi and Grace from the Nigerian Federal Marriage Registry, they were asked all sorts of questions about their relationship. Michael discussed how they met on Facebook and revealed he “liked” what he saw on her profile off the bat. Angela said Michael was the man she wanted to marry. 

Afterward, her previous marriage was brought up. “I divorced my husband after three years,” Angela said, admitting she was “young” when tying the knot to her ex. “He was my first love and I learned that was not love on his side,” the season 5 star shared. 

Angela later asked if Michael would be allowed to have “side chicks” when they are living apart and awaiting his visa. Grace said no, and told Angela to “please him” so he doesn’t get the desire to be with another woman. She suggested to let Michael take the lead role as a husband, but Angela wasn’t having that. 

“He’s got to understand where I come from too,” Angela said. 

Angela Deem and Michael
Courtesy of Angela Deem/Instagram

Even though they were qualified to get married, the Maury alum told Michael not to go through with it if that is what he was looking for in his spouse.

Angela felt compelled to speak her mind while catching up with his aunt Lydia to chat about how the meeting went. Their cultural differences caused a rift and Angela told Michael she felt like he was not being truthful with Lydia about respecting her views and choice not to be “submissive.” 

The Georgia resident said that is why she was “scared” to marry him. “I am not bowing down to you or any living man, woman at all,” Angela said at the table.  

“He has to respect his culture,” Lydia explained. “And he has to respect mine,” Angela replied. Lydia said she liked Angela, but questioned if they would last. Angela said she was “done talking” and stormed off, claiming the wedding is off. 

It got heated, but the conversation isn’t over yet! 

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