Small town or big city life? 90 Day Fiancé stars Jibri Bell and Miona Bell first appeared on season 9 of the long-running series and — from Miona’s initial arrival in the U.S. — butted heads on their living situation. While Jibri had previously lived all around the country, he moved back to his hometown of Rapid City, South Dakota with his parents to save money during the costly K-1 visa process. Not happy with her future in the small Midwest city, Miona has made it clear she wants to move to Los Angeles as soon as possible. Keep scrolling to find out where Jibri and Miona live now!

Where Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Miona Want to Live?

Jibri was confident about the couple’s financial future because he’s a “hustler,” but his parents weren’t so sure. “I’m nervous about her pressuring you to move before you guys are ready,” his mother, Mahala, explained to him prior to Miona’s arrival. “Her presence on social media looks like she would want to live in Beverly Hills.” 

She added, “That’s not what we have here and I’m not sure how long it’s gonna take for you guys to make that much money to be able to afford that kinda life.” 

Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Miona Want to Live in South Dakota?

Admitting the pair hadn’t discussed finances, Jibri told producers that while a Los Angeles move was “attainable,” he hoped his bride could learn to adjust in South Dakota while they saved up toward their “long-term goal.” 

However convincing Miona wasn’t easy. “If I wanted a small city life I could stay here in Niš and live that type of life,” the Serbian beauty told him over the phone. “I really don’t want to come to America and live like a 50-year-old.”

'90 Day Fiance': Where Do Jibri and Miona Live?
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How Did 90 Day Fiance’s Jibri and Miona Meet?

Jibri acknowledged the majority of the couple’s time together had been in a vacation setting and the move to South Dakota would be a drastic change. Jibri met Miona while on tour with his band, Black Serbs, in her native country of Serbia and Miona admitted on their joint YouTube channel she’s actually been a fan of Jibri’s for over 10 years. 

“I know about Jibri for the last decade,” the makeup artist confessed. “Jibri has been someone who has been posting YouTube videos since 2012-13. So I was like 14 on my computer, just on YouTube like any kid and I saw Jibri.”

Jibri and Miona Made Moves for Joshua Tree National Park

However, it wasn’t an easy road to their Golden State lifestyle. With Miona’s 90 days running out on the series, the flames decided to postpone a lavish wedding and instead look at elopement options. 

“We’ve been looking at Joshua Tree National Park because it’s pretty and it’s really cheap to get approval,” Miona told Jibri’s mother during a July 2022 episode of the series. “I know how much important for Jibri [sic] that you don’t feel left out.”

“We would love to be there,” Mahala began. “But, because it’s not going to be in the state, then we don’t have enough notice to make it to that.” Miona bumped heads with her future-in-laws as they continued to question the couple’s readiness for marriage.

“I wanted to make sure that she knows we respect her feelings, but I’m not going to let her influence my decisions in our wedding and marriage,” the Serbian beauty told producers in a solo confessional. “And both her and Jibri need to accept that.”

However, this caused Jibri’s parents to put some pressure on the couple’s future living arrangements. 

“You had plenty of time before Miona came to look for places to get married because you knew this was going to happen eventually,” Mahala lectured her son as she sat down with the couple. “We are following up with the plans for you two to be on your own, starting a married life in your own place at the end of the 90 days.”

Where Do Jibri and Miona Currently Live?

As for the couple’s current whereabouts, it seemed at first like the season 9 stars were making life in South Dakota work for the time being. However, following their time on the show, the TLC couple was able to make California their home! 

“Moved to Palm Springs with my wife, 3 months ago,” Jibri shared via Instagram, reposting a photo of Miona posing outside their desert home. 

Under the post, Miona shared more information about the move in a reply to a fan.

“We first moved to California, but 40 minutes away from Palm Springs last year,” the 90 Day Fiancé alum wrote. “A couple months ago, we came here because we liked it so much.”

Are Jibri and Miona Still Together?

Despite the bumps in the relationship, Jibri and Miona are still together! In October 2022, the TLC couple revealed they added a new member to their family. 

“He is a cute 2-pound ball of fluffy fur!” she shared via Instagram alongside a family picture with the new puppy. “Currently we are deciding between Moon or Neo… if anyone has any other great names please let us know.”

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