90 Day Fiancé’s Wayne Cornish has a message for the trolls — and the TLC show’s creators. In a new video, The Other Way star slammed the hate comments that he and fiancée Holly Weeks have received recently, claiming they are a result of the show editing their relationship in a bad light. 

Wayne, 40, took to Instagram on Wednesday, August 2, with a scathing video titled “A message for 90 Day Fiancé comments and the creators that care about their pockets.” He went on to slam the trolls who make negative comments online and “don’t care what they do to hurt your feelings,” especially when there is money involved. 

“They get paid to do little blogs and to do videos and stuff because that’s all people care about today is money, not people’s feelings. And you know what, I’m getting pretty tired of it,” he said. “I mean, I’m not a bad person. Holly is not a bad person. But you know what? We’re sorry we did this show.”

Holly and Wayne made their debut on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5, which premiered on July 10. The show depicted Holly, 44, as she headed to South Africa to marry Wayne, whom she met on a Jehovah’s Witness dating site, one week after her arrival. However, Holly’s mom, Judy, feared for her daughter’s safety in the country and tagged along for the trip, which caused some tension and awkwardness as she prevented them from having sex before their wedding night. Wayne and Holly also argued about the way Holly dressed and Holly’s desire to move to a new house in a gated community.

In his video, Wayne continued on to say that Holly “wakes up every day crying” because of the comments people make about them due to what fans see on 90 Day Fiancé. He said they’ve had people calling them “drug addicts” and “meth heads” and commenting on Wayne’s teeth, making it seem like he has none. However, the plumbing business owner added that TLC uses editing and “dubbing” — replacing the original audio in a show or film with a new audio track — to paint the cast members in a bad light. 

“[It’s] what the show does. They make you look like lunatics. That’s why they want you here because they just care about their pockets. It’s all they want,” he continued.

“So you know what, guys, if you want to, judge us. If it makes you feel better or it makes you feel like you’ve done a good deed, then judge people, talk bad about people so you can feel better,” Wayne added before concluding, “It’s absolutely ridiculous and sickening.”

Wayne continued his message in the caption of the post, defending his fiancée from the hate comments and TLC’s actions.

“I really hope people can see what you doing to Holly. Most of them out there are the most hurtful comments. I really hope this message will go viral. The best part of it all, this video will also receive hate and bad comments,” he wrote. “People are too naive to know what editing and dubbing is. I will stand up against this show because they can take everything away. I will not let anyone hurt Holly any further.”

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