Christmas came a little early! 90 Day Fiancé couple Steven and Olga seemed to struggle a lot early on in their relationship — their summer fling quickly turned serious after they got pregnant after only about a month of dating, and then they also had a lot of tension and fighting shortly after welcoming their son Richie. But despite all of the obstacles they faced, it looks like they were able to get their relationship on the right track. On Monday, Dec. 24, Steven took to Instagram to announce that the couple is now one step closer to becoming the family they always dreamed of being because Olga’s K-1 visa is now approved.

“OLGA’S VISA APPROVED TODAY [sic], DECEMBER 24th, 2018,” Steven, 21, wrote in the caption of his announcement on Instagram. “No words can describe how happy I am. My birthday is the 26th so its the best birthday present for me.”

Steven also shared a video message to their fans announcing the exciting news on his Instagram Story, and he revealed that Olga would be arriving in the United States “really soon.”

The good news came as an early Christmas and birthday surprise for Steven, and it seems like it was well worth the wait even though it took a little bit longer than Olga had expected. On this week’s 90 Day Fiancé episode, Steven revealed that he did not apply for Olga’s K-1 visa right away as he said he would because he wanted to wait until they reunited in Russia first so that he could make sure that they were making the right decision.

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That one time we had alone😘😉 haha

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But Steven told Olga that after spending more time with her in Russia, he ended up falling more in love with her and he made their engagement official by getting down on one knee. “I know my feelings towards you and I’m gonna try my hardest to give you everything that you want. I just want you to be patient with me and not give up on me. And you do mean everything to me and I may not show it all the time and I don’t really get my real feelings out to you but I need you to know I grew to love you so much while we were here. That being said,” Steven said before getting down on one knee. “Will you marry me?” And, of course, Olga said yes.

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