It’s the thought that counts! 90 Day Fiancé stars Steven and Olga are the youngest couple on the Season 6 cast, but it seems like their relationship is going to last the test of time. After starting out with a rough patch earlier this season, Steven and Olga were able to work on their issues and Steven ended up proposing to Olga during this week’s episode. Shortly after the episode aired, Steven took to Instagram to share photos from their engagement and he explained why he proposed to Olga with a modest engagement ring.

“People may wonder how I could afford this ring… I got it in Russia, it wasn’t the most expensive ring but a price tag doesn’t determine love,” Steven, 21, wrote in the caption of Olga holding their infant son Richie while showing off her new bling to the camera. “One day in life I’ll be able to afford the ring this girl deserves.”

Before Steve proposed to Olga, he came clean about a secret he had been keeping — he didn’t apply for Olga’s visa when he said he did.

“But I did now and it is getting processed,” Steven told Olga. “And I know that it was very wrong of me, but I feel like I should be honest with you about that. I just didn’t know what was going on with us because we got pregnant and we just decided [on the] K-1 visa. And to me, I was like, we didn’t really get a chance to speak about it. So in my mind, I just wanted to hold off for a little bit until I got to know you a little bit more. Do you understand what I mean?”

Olga, 20,  was understandably upset because their son Richie had his American passport and she didn’t, so she will not be able to travel back to the United States with Richie and Steven together as a family as they planned. Olga was worried that Steven would take Richie back to the states with him, but Steven said that it would be best for Richie to stay with Olga in Russia while they wait for her visa to process. Once he got his secret off his chest, Steven popped the question.

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That one time we had alone😘😉 haha

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“I know my feelings towards you and I’m gonna try my hardest to give you everything that you want. I just want you to be patient with me and not give up on me. And you do mean everything to me and I may not show it all the time and I don’t really get my real feelings out to you but I need you to know I grew to love you so much while we were here. That being said,” Steven said before getting down on one knee. “Will you marry me?” Of course, she said yes.

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