Talk about cultural differences! 90 Day Fiancé couple Steven and Olga‘s story is quite different from the rest of their co-stars — instead of cameras documenting Olga’s trip to the US to marry Steven, Steven is sharing his journey to Olga’s home country of Russia so that he could be present for the birth of their son. But in a clip from tonight’s episode, Steven was in for a culture shock when he arrived in Russia and found out that he is not allowed to be in the delivery room with Olga while she was giving birth to their first child.

“So the main thing is this — when the baby is born, am I allowed in the room?” Steven asked Olga, who is visibly feeling the pains of contractions. “I don’t know, Steven — [you] need to talk to [the] doctor,” she told him.

But there was one big problem  — there was no doctor available at the moment. So Steven kissed his fiancée and his fiancée’s baby bump before she went into the maternity ward at the hospital, and wished her luck as she prepared to go into childbirth alone.

It seemed like Steven did not know that in Russia, it is custom for women to give birth without their husbands or significant others by their side for support since men are generally not allowed in the delivery room.

Steven was very adamant about being present as a father in his son’s life, and he was told that he would need to speak to a chief doctor to get permission first before he’ll be allowed in the delivery room with Olga. After Olga went into the maternity ward, Steven sat in the waiting room, but he was quickly told to leave by a nurse.

“I will be watching my kid be born, if not — all hell will be raised in that hospital. I’m not missing the birth of my son,” Steven said.

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