Guess there’s not that much tension between them after all! Though last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé showed Jonathan Rivera‘s mom taking issue with his bride-to-be, it looks like the hard feelings didn’t last too long. The issues started when Ceci, Jonathan’s mom, and Fernanda Flores were meeting for the first time. As most mothers of a 32-year-old would be, she wasn’t so sure about his plan to marry a 19-year-old — and she made that perfectly clear to the 19-year-old in question. Ceci even snubbed her future daughter-in-law when her son asked her to help with the wedding dress shopping. But IRL, Fernanda’s not holding a grudge.

Though she recently put her Instagram account on private, Fernanda shared a message with her followers about her relationship with Ceci now. Apparently, she was worried about her future mother-in-law getting hate and wanted to just nip the whole thing in the bud. At the same time, she also wanted to show all her fans that she appreciated them having her back. “Thank you all for being supportive after today’s episode,” she wrote. “I know you guys feel bad for me but [there] is nothing to feel bad for. Ceci did what any mom would do. She worries about her son’s decisions.”

The TLC star totally understood where her fiancé’s mom was coming from, and knew that the family’s distance played a huge role in the conflict. “Unfortunately, Jonathan after being alone and away from home for many years he lost the communication,” she continued. “It is something that he is working on. It was hard in the beginning, but once that she knew and I showed her that the only thing that I want is to help Jonathan reconnect with his family and be a good wife for him and grow together, she felt relieved and she [has] been really sweet and nice with me. I love her so much for giving birth and raising the awesome man that I have. She is a mama and I love feel[ing] that she is [my] mother-in law and I’m part of her family.”

We’re glad to see that the two ladies are tight these days — especially now that the couple has likely made things official and tied the knot in real life. There’s still plenty of drama left for this couple on the reality show, but all their Instagram love for each other, and for each other’s family, definitely gives us hope. We’re rooting for you two!

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