He’s defending himself! 90 Day Fiancé star Eric Rosenbrook didn’t exactly look like father of the year on last night’s episode of the hit TLC reality TV series. In one scene that was particularly difficult for fans to watch, where Eric’s fiancée Leida Margaretha tried to kick his teenage daughter Tasha out of the apartment that she shared with her dad. But now, Eric is explaining why he allowed Leida to speak to his daughter that way and why he didn’t jump in to defend his daughter.

“When I moved in with Tasha in the apartment after her roommates bailed on her, the agreement was that she would be out by the time Leida got here,” Eric, 40, wrote in a comment on reality TV blogger John Yates‘ Instagram page. “She had 10 [months] to find a place. The agreement was that we split the bills and rent because I wanted to make sure she could handle the responsibility of being on her own.”

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He went on to explain that last winter, Tasha got sick and she was not able to work at her job for three weeks, and she lost out on her pay because of it. So Eric stepped in to pay for all of the bills and rent. Then, Tasha decided to quit her job against her father’s wishes and since she didn’t have another job lined up, Eric continued to pay the rent and bills.

When Tasha found another job and started working again, Eric agreed to continue to pay the rent and bill in their apartment so that Tasha could save up all of her money so she could have a down payment for another apartment. He also confirmed that Tasha was responsible for leaving their apartment a mess, which caused tension between Tasha and her future step-mother.

But it seemed like Eric did not regret the way things went down between Tasha, 19, and Leida, 29, during the scene where Leida tried to kick his daughter out, and he justified his actions for not stepping in to defend Tasha from Leida.

“For the people out there who make their kids their friends, you’re not parents. Parents have to be leaders. Leaders have to make unpopular decisions,” Eric continued. “If all of you still think I’m the bad guy here, so be it. Haters gonna hate. That’s all they know. I will not reply to anything.”

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