Are 90 Day Fiancé stars Mark Truzzolino and Key Bulschtein still together? The pair first appeared in the franchise in season 1 of the discovery+ spinoff Love in Paradise: The CaribbeanKeep scrolling below to find out if the couple are still romantically involved today! 

How Did Mark and Key Meet? 

Mark, an avid traveler from Huntington Beach, California, and Key, a personal trainer originally from Argentina, met when she checked into the hostel he was running at the time in Bocas del Toro. Despite Key not speaking English and Mark not speaking Spanish, the two still quickly connected and spent two weeks enjoying each other’s company until Key’s vacation ended and she returned to home to Argentina.  

Key Opens Up to Mark About Her Former Ketamine Addiction 

They continued to date long-distance, and when Key texted Mark out of the blue telling him she was in rehab for a ketamine addiction, Mark flew to Argentina to be there to support her.  

However, living situations and the language barrier made it difficult for the couple, and they drifted apart. It wasn’t until years later that Key reached out to Mark, wanting to rekindle things.  

Were Mark and Key on 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise Season 2? 

Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise premiered in June 2022 but of the four original couples only two returned and Mark and Key were not among them. Now fans are left wondering, what became of them?  

Are Mark and Key Still Together? 

At the end of their season fans were skeptical as to whether the two would make it. Indeed, it did seem like the two were on rocky footing since Key struggled with being in a monogamous relationship and didn’t want to move to the United States, something Mark couldn’t get over.  

Post-filming, things took a turn for the better as it appeared the couple were still together based on their social media, with Key’s Instagram bio showing she was living in Mark’s town of Huntington Beach. She posted romantic photos as well making fans optimistic that the couple had indeed found their happy ending.

The pair eventually got married but have since split and finalized their divorce, In Touch confirmed. Despite marrying in October 2021, Mark filed paper work in December 2021. The divorce was finalized in June 2022.

Where Are Mark and Key Today? 

As of July 2022, according to Key’s Instagram, she is now living in Miami, Florida, while Mark is still in Huntington Beach. 

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