Not sorry? 90 Day Fiancé star Kalani Faagata threw shade at her husband Asuelu Pulaa’s cheating scandal and using her “hall pass” in retaliation, which was exposed on the premiere of 90 Day: The Last Resort

On Monday, August 14, following the first episode of TLC’s new spinoff, Kalani, 35, posted a short video on Instagram. The clip showed her stretching and smiling blissfully under a blanket before looking shocked and throwing her hand over her mouth. “POV: You took the hallpass,” she titled the video.

In the caption, Kalani threw a bit of shade at Asuelu, 28, writing, “It’s okay when he does it, it’s a problem when I do it?”

Kalani’s video referenced her argument with Asuelu over his cheating scandal on 90 Day: The Last Resort, which follows five of the franchise’s couples as they go through couples’ therapy in one final attempt to save their relationships. During Monday night’s premiere, Kalani revealed that she and Asuelu attended the couples’ retreat due to Asuelu’s issues with cheating. Specifically, she said Asuelu had kissed someone else after a night of heavy drinking during a visit to his father in his native country of Samoa. 

Kalani learned of this incident when she FaceTimed Asuelu and noticed his tongue was white, which is typically a sign of thrush, or a yeast infection that can come from oral sex. While Asuelu initially said it was just “just a mouth kiss,” he then admitted to Kalani that someone offered him a blowjob and he accepted. Kalani wanted to end the marriage when she learned about this, but Asuelu instead offered to give her a “hall pass” to kiss someone else. 

'90 Day Fiance'- Kalani and Asuelus Cheating Scandal

Kalani used her hall pass, which upset Asuelu. “It’s really hard because I give her the permission to go kiss somebody,” he said on 90 Day: The Last Resort. “When I say that, I have trust for her that she’s not going to do that.”

Kalani argued, “I don’t understand how someone can tell you you can do something, and you do it and then they’re upset. You gave me a hall pass, I took it.”

Kalani then revealed that she “got to know this other guy” and kissed him, which led to “oral sex” and then “actual sex.” She continued to stay in touch with the man afterward. 

“I never meant to stay in touch with this guy, but I’m also not the type of person that can sleep with someone and just forget about it,” Kalani admitted. “I’m torn because I really want to make my marriage work with Asuelu, but I also can’t seem to bring myself to forgive him.”

Kalani and Asuelu made their debut on 90 Day Fiancé season 6. They got pregnant and welcomed their son Oliver in January 2018, and soon after started the process of obtaining Asuelu’s K-1 visa so they could live in the U.S. After making the big move and getting married, Kalani got pregnant again, and they welcomed baby No. 2. She and Asuelu experienced money problems, disagreements over parenting and intimacy issues, which led to separations, but they continued to work on their marriage

Fans will have to continue watching 90 Day: The Last Resort to see if Kalani and Asuelu were able to work things out or if they ended things for good. New episodes air on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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