Is Avery Mills still living in America? The 90 Day Fiancé: What Now? star has been faced with a lot of questions from fans about her long-distance marriage with husband Omar Albakkour. Keep scrolling below for an update on the couple’s visa process and living situation! 

How Did Avery and Omar Meet?

The Ohio native met Omar online via a Muslim dating app. After several months of dating long-distance, they tied the knot in Beirut, Lebanon during their first meeting, which was documented on season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. The couple would normally have been eligible for the CR-1 visa, which allows the foreign spouse of an American citizen to legally enter the United States. This visa is different than the K-1 “fiancé” visa because when approved, the foreigner automatically receives a Green card along with their CR-1.

Avery and Omar Faced Obstacles in the Visa Process

Because Omar is originally from Syria, which is one of the Middle Eastern countries previously placed on a travel ban list, Avery and Omar’s visa journey was more complicated. Shortly after they got married, Omar returned to Syria and Avery returned to the U.S. and consulted with an immigration lawyer to begin the visa process.

The lawyer revealed that if Omar was to be approved for a visa, he would need a waiver to lift the travel ban, which is extremely rare. Even though there was a “less than 5 percent chance” that Omar would be able to obtain a waiver, the couple still decided to try for the CR-1 visa so they could live in America together.

Because of the visa process, Omar and Avery spent the first year and half of their marriage apart as she lived in America and he lived in Syria. “To clarify, Omar and I are happily married but I stay in America the majority of the time because I sponsor Omar‘s visa so I have to keep my big girl job in America, and I’m in college,” she wrote via her Instagram Story in April 2020.

90 day fiance is avery in america
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Avery and Omar Reveal Their Future Plans

Avery and Omar gave fans a major update on their relationship during their three-part segment on season 4 of TLC’s webseries, 90 Day Fiancé: What Now? The cameras documented Avery’s second trip to Lebanon to visit Omar and meet his family. After weighing their options, the couple came to a decision about where they would like to live. “We’re going to try our hardest to move to America. We’re hopeful that we’ll get a visa in the next two years,” Avery explained in her confessional. “But plan B is definitely U.A.E., I would say plan C is Canada, plan D maybe Kuwait.”

Avery and Omar’s Visa Process Was Delayed

Shortly after the series aired in April 2020, the couple returned to the franchise on the limited series, 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined, which would be the last appearance on the show. Avery shared another update on their visa process in a confessional.

“We have been married for over a year now and we’ve been waiting so long for him to come to the U.S.,” Avery said in May. She revealed Omar was scheduled to have a spousal visa interview on March 30, 2020, but it was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“If he doesn’t get to come here within the next six months, we are going to move to the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) to Dubai,” she said at the time. “But it really ruins his chances to come to the U.S. because I will no longer have a job in the U.S. If I’m working in Dubai, that doesn’t count for his visa here. It’s like we’re back at square one. And we really don’t know what to do.”

Avery and Omar From 90 Day
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Avery and Omar Reunite

After waiting six months, it seems they ultimately decided the U.A.E. was their best option. On Christmas Day 2020, Avery confirmed she and Omar are finally living together as husband and wife. “[Flushed face emoji] Are you [two] finally living together? [two pink hearts emoji],” one fan asked in the comments of a photo Avery shared of the couple on a beach. “Yes [red heart emoji],” Avery responded. She later confirmed the couple was based in Dubai.

Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to watch their reunion play out on reality TV. On December 8, 2020, Avery shared another photo of her and Omar and in the comments, a fan asked if the couple would be returning to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise soon. “No, we won’t be on TV anymore,” she responded.

Is Omar’s U.S. Visa Approved?

In March 2021, after almost three months of living together in the U.A.E., the couple took to their joint YouTube channel to announce some very exciting news in a video titled: “Did Omar Get His U.S.A. Visa Approved?” 

“Oh my gosh, look at him,” Avery gushed over her handsome hubby in the clip. “This is Omar for his [visa] interview, let’s see the ‘fit. Oh, he even has the matching socks, he’s serious today.”

Omar turned around to show off his professional look — a navy blue sweater with carefully-ironed khaki pants. He accessorized his spousal visa interview outfit with a mini American flag.

While Omar attended the interview at the embassy, Avery patiently waited for her hubby to return with the big news about the status of his visa. “This is make it or break it,” Avery told the camera. “[We’ll] find out if he’s coming to America.”

90 Day Fiance Avery Gushes Over Husband Omar After Moving Dubai
Courtesy @javerysjourneys/Twitter

“This could either be very good or very bad. I’m literally shaking,” Avery continued as Omar made his way back to their apartment. “I don’t know what to think right now, guys. Like, if he gets approved, he gets to meet my whole family. We get to go to America. He gets to see his family, he hasn’t seen his brother in almost 10 years and they’re like, best friends. And I want that so badly for him. And I miss my cat.” She also admitted that she’ll be “so upset” if Omar’s visa is denied.

Finally, Omar arrived home and announced the results as soon as he walked in the door. “I got my visa!” he said and Avery screamed before jumping in his arms. “Alexa, play ‘Congratulations,'” Avery shouted.

It seems the couple will finally be able to make the big move back to the United States shortly!

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