They’ve got a plan! 90 Day Fiancé: What Now? stars Avery Mills and Omar Albakkour gave fans an update about their long-distance marriage in their three-part segment of the TLC webseries. While Avery was previously deadset on moving to Syria to be with her husband, it seems like the couple has come up with a few different options about where they would like to live.

Omar and Avery were first introduced on season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, where the couple not only met for the first time in person in Lebanon but they also tied the knot. When Avery returned to the United States, she immediately started the application process for Omar’s spousal visa, which would allow him to enter the United States legally as the spouse of an American citizen. But since the United States currently has a travel ban against Syrians, it will be extremely difficult to obtain a waiver so Omar could be approved for a visa.

90 day fiance did avery move to syria
Courtesy of Avery Mills/Instagram

“Although there will be less than a 5% chance that Omar would be allowed [to enter] the USA, we already applied for the spousal visa because we’re hopeful. But if we’re denied, we’ll have to choose another country for Omar and I to live together as soon as possible,” Avery said.

At the time of filming, Avery was preparing for another trip to Lebanon to reunite with Omar and to meet his family in person for the first time. Before her trip, Avery visited her mom, Teri. She approved of her daughter’s marriage to Omar, but she would prefer if they chose to settle down in the United States. Avery explained she and Omar were waiting to reunite face to face to come up with their plan for their future living situation.

During a day date at the market, they laid out their options. “If the visa doesn’t come, do you want to move back to Syria?” Avery asked her husband. “I hope so,” Omar said. Avery seemed to be on board with that, but she told Omar just to make sure it’s safe to move to Syria since that’s her mom’s biggest worry because of the war.

“Do you think that I would like to take you to an unsafe country?” Omar asked and Avery understood. “The situation in Syria is getting better, but it’s not good enough,” he continued. “It’s not a good idea for Avery to move to Syria currently,” he added in his confessional.

One country that was on the couple’s radar was Canada, since one of Omar’s sisters is looking to relcoate there and it wouldn’t be too far from Avery’s family in the states. “They have been applied for that process around two years. It takes time,” Omar said. Other options included the United Arab Emirates Arab Gulf like Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Omar felt Dubai is a better choice because he has friends and family who live there.

“It’s really hard to think about in order for us to be together, we’re both going to have to move away from our families. But we want to raise a family in a few years and we don’t like being apart so it’s super important that we find a place we can both work, be financially stable but be safe,” Avery explained in her confessional.

Omar said his mom, Fadwa, and sisters Rena and Rahf, would be sad if they moved far from Syria. Avery and Omar asked for their blessing during a dinner where his family met Avery for the first time.

“I was surprised and I’m very happy with Omar’s engagement. However, I get a little upset because he is going to leave me,” Fadwa told Avery. She hoped Avery would move to Syria, but she understands it might not be ideal at the moment because of the war.

“America is what we want, but if he can’t come maybe U.A.E.,” Avery said. Fadwa agreed Dubai would be a good choice.  “She says that for a better future, she would not get sad,” Omar translated.

By the end of Avery’s trip, the couple had decided on a few different options. “We’re going to try our hardest to move to America. We’re hopeful that we’ll get a visa in the next two years,” Avery explained in her confessional. “But plan B is definitely U.A.E., I would say plan C is Canada, plan D maybe Kuwait.”

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