Stronger than ever! 90 Day Fiancé star Avery Mills is tired of seeing split speculation about her relationship with Omar Albakkour. On Monday, April 13, the Before the 90 Days personality took to Instagram to debunk the rumors surrounding her and her husband.

“I’m not sure why [people are] saying Omar and I aren’t together, but we are very much happily married,” Avery, 20, wrote on the social media site, sharing a black-and-white selfie they took together. “We have never split up. So for the people that rushed to my page to see if the [rumors were] true, they aren’t.” Sharing heart emojis, the young bride declared Omar is “still [her] best friend.”

Fans were glad to hear from the couple. “Y’all are my favorites,” one wrote in the comments. “I am seriously rooting for you both,” another chimed in. “Wishing you all the best and that he can come over here soon.” A third told the American they were “very happy” for both halves of the pair. “You’re an adorable couple,” they said. “I hope you are able to [be] together very soon.”

Unfortunately, the husband and wife are currently living across the globe from each other. Though they tied the knot in Lebanon, Omar’s Syrian citizenship makes it tricky for him to get an American visa. However, the duo is still hoping that he can move stateside — and in order to make that dream a reality, Avery has to stay in the U.S. and “keep her big girl job” in order to sponsor his application. If that doesn’t work out, however, the two do have a backup plan.

If America is out of the question, the TLC stars will find a new country where they can start their lives together. They’re hoping to head to the United Arab Emirates if they can, or maybe Canada or Kuwait if their plans fall through. One thing they know for sure, though, is that “love has no boundaries.” In a sweet Instagram post shared March 17, the couple looked forward to the day they’ll “be able to show [their] kids how [they] met and how [they] defied all the odds.”

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