Fan-favorite 90 Day Fiancé couple Kenneth “Kenny” Niedermeier and Armando Rubio are back for another season! The two first appeared in The Other Way season 2 as Kenny moved to Mexico to be with Armando. Now, their family is planning a potential move to Mexico City in season 5, which is set to cause a power struggle for Kenny and Armando. On top of that, their big age gap is creating tension as they discuss their future. Keep scrolling to find out how old Kenny is compared to Armando and why they’re having trouble.

Who Are Kenny and Armando on ‘90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’?

Kenny and Armando met in an online support group for gay fathers. Kenny is a father to four kids — son Bricen and triplet daughters, Taylor, Cassidy and Madison — while Armando has a daughter named Hannah from a previous marriage. The couple spent four years in a long-distance relationship before Kenny finally made the move from Florida to Mexico. He proposed to Armando one week later.

Despite Armando’s family disapproving of the relationship, they officially tied the knot on May 22, 2021. On The Other Way season 5, the couple lives in the village of Las Misión, Mexico, with Hannah, but Kenny hopes to move to Mexico City. Armando is struggling with the idea because he worries about his family’s safety in the city. 

How Old Is 90 Day Fiance’s Kenny?

Kenny met Armando when he was 57 years old, and Armando was 31. They are 60 and 34, respectively, on The Other Way season 5. 

Kenny has become known for his youthful appearance despite his age. He teased in the season 5 premiere on July 10, 2023, that the “secret” to his skin is to “never use the same thing over and over,” instead switching up products frequently. In the past, Kenny has denied getting cosmetic procedures done, insisting he just takes care of his skin, according to Soap Dirt.

Why Is Kenny and Armando’s Age Gap Causing Problems on ‘90 Day Fiance’?

With a 26-year age gap between them, it’s not too surprising that Kenny and Armando have different views of their future. While Armando is hesitant to move to Mexico City, he is excited about the prospect of growing their family there. Kenny admitted during the premiere that he felt “pressure” from Armando to pursue surrogacy. 

“I’ve told you that before there’s pressure on it because it’s not something I would have thought of,” Kenny told his husband. “Like, I know my children were in vitro and all that but you’re talking 25, 28 years ago, and I know I’ve been dragging, I guess because sometimes reality sinks in and the reality is my age.”

Kenny also admitted that he knew he was “done having kids” after he raised four of them. 

The disagreement has left Armando and Kenny at “an impasse” for the last year and a half. Armando said it felt like they were wasting time.

“I know Kenny has had his hesitations, and I do feel like I’ve been patient with everything he’s feeling, but a lot of what we’ve talked about is time and Kenny’s age,” Armando said. “Why aren’t we getting this done now then if that’s the issue — if that’s what we’re scared about of Kenny growing older — then why aren’t we getting this done now?”

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