Not so welcoming. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Kenneth Niedermeier fought back tears after witnessing fiancé Armando Rubio‘s family’s heartbreaking reaction to their engagement news.

Kenny popped the question to Armando only one week after he relocated from Florida to Mexico so they could start a life together. Shortly after they got engaged, the couple set off to travel back to Armando’s hometown to pick up Armando’s daughter, Hannah, who had been staying with his parents for the past week while the couple adjusted to their new living arrangements.

Although Armando came out to his parents before he moved in with Kenny, he was still nervous to announce his engagement. He didn’t expect his mom, Virginia, and dad, Armando Sr., to react “well” to the news.

When they arrived at Armando’s family’s home, Hannah ran up to Kenny and gave him a big hug. While Hannah gave Kenny a warm welcome, he didn’t get the same from Virginia and Armando Sr. In her confessional, Virginia admitted it was “strange” for her to see her son with a male partner. At first, Armando Sr. seemed reluctant to come outside to greet his son and Kenny, but he eventually agreed after some coaxing from Virginia. After briefly saying hello and shaking Kenny’s hand, Armando Sr. returned inside his home while the other joined the rest of Armando’s family for a fireside chat in their yard.

Armando admitted he was disappointed that his father had such a brief interaction with his fiancé, but he understood. “I know my dad. He’s having a tough time with this,” he said in his confessional. He explained he would be patient and wait for his father to be ready to accept Kenny as his partner.

Once they returned to the yard, Armando translated a conversation between his mother and Armando. After their chat, he announced his engagement to Kenny to the rest of his family. “He asked me to marry him, so, we are getting married,” Armando said, showing off his ring.

Kenneth and Armando 90 Day Fiance The Other Way

His family reacted with shocked expressions and silence. “It wasn’t like a spur of the moment thing,” Kenneth said, trying to explain that a lot of thought went into their decision. After minutes of silence, Kenny and Armando asked Virginia what she was thinking. She told her son it was his decision to make. “Truth be told, I wish he would have told me first,” Virginia said in her confessional.

“I look over at Armando’s mom and she’s looking directly at the ground. I can tell that she’s embarrassed, that she’s hurt by this announcement,” Kenny told the cameras, getting emotional. “It’s sad and I’m sad for Armando that his mom took it as something horrible and not something beautiful.”

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