Season 8, episode 10 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? brought more drama and fights for several couples. The Sunday, May 19, episode was filled with tense moments.

Alexei and Loren

The episode picked up in the aftermath of Loren Brovarnik’s mommy makeover surgery. She confirmed that Alexei Brovarnik was “taking great care” of her as she recovered. 

During a follow-up appointment, Loren was struggling and her doctor assured her that the first week of recovery is the hardest. While the plan was initially for Loren’s mother to take over her care, Alexei suggested that he continue to stay with her, while she urged him to go home to their kids.

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After finally agreeing to head home to the children, Alexei became stressed and began wondering how he would be able to take care of the children and Loren once he had to go back to work.

Mahmoud and Nicole

Following Mahmoud Sherbiny and Nicole Sherbiny’s massive fight in episode 8, Mahmoud was still sleeping on an air mattress. The pair remained at odds, with Nicole admitting she “was wrong” when she started to have hope for their relationship.

Nicole revealed that Mahmoud accused her of cheating, while he said that she “freaked out” when he asked to see her phone after she stayed out until 2 a.m. and came home drunk. He admitted that he didn’t “trust” Nicole and wasn’t sure if he could be with her anymore. 

Cheating Accusations and More 90 Day Fiance
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At a later date, Mahmoud returned to talk to Nicole and told her, “I can’t take this anymore.” Another argument over Nicole not showing Mahmoud her phone ensued. She revealed that she felt the real issue was her “being American.”  Mahmoud insisted, “We will divorce, Nicole,” and said he was probably going to move back to Egypt. She kicked him out of the apartment, leaving him unsure of what he was going to do while he figured out his next steps.

Angela and Michael

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi were in Nigeria planning for Michael’s visa interview. “Tomorrow is the most important day of our lives,” she pointed out, and admitted that she wouldn’t be able to stay in Nigeria if the visa wasn’t approved. They practiced interview questions at dinner ahead of the big day.

A title card flashed on the screen that read, “The next morning, Angela discovered some screenshots Michael was planning on taking to his visa interview.” The couple was seen arguing over the screenshots, which included messages they sent each other during a fight over cheating. Michael explained that he wanted to bring the screenshots to his interview to prove that he and Angela were a real couple that fought. 

By the time Michael went to the interview, Angela had calmed down and admitted that she would feel “extremely guilty” if he did not get his visa.

Gino and Jasmine

Gino Palazzolo told Jasmine Pineda that he was upset she was making major life decisions without him, and she admitted that he was right. The couple had a healthy conversation this week, where she revealed that her emotions and anxiety were physically affecting her.

Jasmine also told Gino that she didn’t want to have children while her sons were not in the United States. He assured her that those feelings were reasonable, but said he hoped she would change her mind in the near future. Meanwhile, she apologized for not opening up to him about her feelings sooner. 

Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra

Things started out strong for Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra. She said she wanted to try on “sexy costumes” for him because she noticed he was being “more sweet and sensitive” following their therapy session. While at a sex store, the pair got into an argument because Rob said he didn’t think Sophie’s outfit was revealing enough, and she was upset that he made a “disgusted” face when he saw what she was wearing.

After leaving the store, Rob asked Sophie, “Is there someone else?” He also wondered if she was cheating on him with her friend Kae. Sophie assured Rob that there was nobody else and asked him to “be nice” to her. He was frustrated, as he felt like he was the only one trying to make their relationship work.

“If you’re not interested in working things out with me, you should be with somebody else,” Rob said. He also denied having a second phone after Sophie asked about it and accused her of always wanting “drama.” Sophie told Rob that she felt like he doesn’t love her.

“I would love to see what type of person is going to give you what you need,” he responded. At the end of the argument, Sophie walked out and said, “Bye forever.”

Emily and Kobe

Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly were continuing to prepare for their formal marriage presentation. Emily’s mom expressed concern about the “bride price” that Kobe’s family wanted her to pay. She wanted to discuss the situation with Kobe’s dad, and Emily feared Kobe’s family was going to be offended by the questions.

Upon Kobe’s family’s arrival, his dad told Emily’s family he wanted to “confirm that the woman belongs to us.” He also confirmed to Emily’s mom that Emily would be Kobe’s property once they were married, which was concerning to her parents.

Ed and Liz

Following Ed “Big Ed” Brown canceling his wedding to Liz Woods, she and her daughter began packing to return to San Diego. Liz said she felt “humiliated, played, used” by Ed. Meanwhile, he spoke privately to her daughter and assured her he would always love her no matter what happened. 

“I feel like we both dodged a bullet,” Ed admitted. However, he also said he felt “numb” knowing he would have to start his life over at the age of 58.

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