90 Day Fiancé star Gabe Pabon revealed his sister, Monica, is the reason he’s on the successful franchise, but will she also be the downfall of his relationship with Isabel Posada? Keep reading to find out everything we know about Gabe’s family. 

Who Is 90 Day Fiance’s Gabe’s Sister Monica and Mom Marie?

Gabe made history as the first transgender person to be featured on the franchise — but it was actually his sister who actually wrote to producers and pretended to be him to get him on the show. 

While not much is known about his family, Gabe was most worried to tell his sister about his engagement to the Colombia native. After finding out Gabe had already given the mom of two a ring, Monica was livid. 

90 Day Fiance Gabriel Pabon Family Mom Sister

“It kind of hurt. Like, I’m gonna get emotional. It kind of hurts,” Monica told producers in a private confessional during the April 23 episode. “Because, from, my point of view, me and Gabe are best friends and the fact that Gabe is hiding his proposal from me, makes me feel as though he doesn’t value our relationship.” 

Almost immediately after finding out the news, Monica urged her brother to draft a prenuptial agreement to protect his assets, as she wasn’t confident about Isabel’s intentions. 

“Just in case it doesn’t work out,” she told him in another scene. Meanwhile, his mom added, “You’ve worked on your business for many, many years, to bring it where it is right now.” 

When Gabe asked Isabel about the agreement, she was offended. 

“Because I’m not after a man to support me and give me everything,” Isabel confessed in a private interview. “Monica wants to be involved in everything regarding Gabe. She feels like she needs to control him.”

How Does ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Gabe’s Family Feel About Isabel?

After learning about the engagement, Gabe’s family traveled to Colombia to meet his future bride for the first time. 

While the language barrier brought obstacles and awkward silence, Isabel wanted to make sure to speak to his sister before the wedding.

“If you have doubts about what Gabriel thinks, then you need to talk to Gabriel,” Isabel told her over dinner. Meanwhile, in a private confessional, she added, “I don’t believe that Gabe and Monica are as close as I thought they were. I think that the problem isn’t with Gabe talking to me, but rather with her.”

Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Gabe’s Sister, Monica, Attend His Wedding to Isabel?

Gabe and Isabel’s wedding day was documented during the May 7 episode. While it should have been a happy occasion, the day got off to a rough start when he learned that Monica wasn’t going to attend the ceremony.

She decided to skip the nuptials after the siblings got into a fight the night before when Monica said she wanted to leave a gathering before Isabel arrived. Gabe told her he didn’t want to deal with Isabel reacting to him leaving, though Monica argued that he “shouldn’t be marrying somebody if you’re afraid to talk to her.”

“And I got upset, so I told Monica that she’s the one that creates problems in my relationships, and I think that’s what made her upset,” Gabe recalled about the argument. “I can’t believe it’s turned into such a big thing for her not even to come to my wedding.”

Following the airing of the scene, Gabe spoke out in defense of Monica after she received backlash from fans.

“My sister is MY SISTER forever, we have a lot of misunderstandings and we both are stubborn,” he wrote via his Instagram Stories on May 12. “She will ALWAYS be my #1 support system and BEST FRIEND. Everything she does is because she is protective of me.”

Gabe noted that while she is his younger sister, she watches out for him like an older sister.

The siblings later discussed Monica’s decision to skip the wedding during the May 28 tell-all episode.

“The reason I didn’t show up, and the reason I was hurt, is because you said to me that I’m the common denominator in all of your failed relationships,” she explained.

However, Gabe insisted that he never told Monica that. “No, I said, ‘Why is it that every relationship, you always have a problem with somebody?’” he responded.

The reality star then pointed out that Monica knew how important his wedding day was. “You could have shot me in the face and broke my leg, but I would have still went to your wedding,” Gabe said.

“Of course, I would love to see him get married and obviously, I don’t wanna offend Isabel or her parents because I think they’re amazing people,” Monica said. “But I’m not gonna show up to your wedding crying.”

Gabe eventually apologized for hurting Monica’s feelings ahead of the ceremony, though she said he didn’t “need” an apology. Instead, she asked that he prove that the sentiment was sincere.

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