We hear so much about the drama between _90 Day Fiancé couples that it's easy to forget that some of them are actually incredibly happy together! Luckily, we got a touching reminder of that fact on Feb. 27, when Season 1 star Aya Gattone revealed that she and her husband Louis Gattone are expecting their first baby together. Watch the video above to see the couples' emotional announcement!

So far, Louis and Aya have not announced the gender of their baby, but we're willing to bet they're hoping for a baby girl. Louis already has two sons from a previous relationship that Aya loves as if they were her own, but she probably wants to switch it up now and have a little princess in the house.

We first met Aya and Louis on Season 1 of the hit TLC show, way back in 2014. Aya chose to leave her family behind in the Phillippines to be with Louis in America. He was more than willing to go live in her country, but since he had two sons in America so they decided living here was their best option. It appears they are still here and happier than ever.

After the show ended, TLC did a follow-up interview and asked how they keep their relationship healthy. "Love each other and never stop remembering why you fell in love, no matter how hard it may seem," they said. The plan had been for Aya to find work while Louis finishes school, and they said that in five years they hoped to be, "happily married with money in the bank and everything we need, hopefully, a handful of things we want." If having a baby was on that list, then they're already ahead of schedule. Congratulations, guys!

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