Did Patrick Mendes and Thaís Ramone get married? The 90 Day Fiancé season 9 stars seem to be in a will they/won’t they limbo as they get closer to the end of the 90 days leading up to their wedding. In Touch can exclusively confirm whether Patrick and Thaís are married and if they decided to go through with their marriage after all. Keep scrolling below for exclusive details! WARNING: SPOILERS.

Are ’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Thais and Patrick Married?

In Touch can exclusively reveal that Thaís and Patrick obtained a wedding license in Seminole, Florida. According to their marriage license, they got married on February 22, 2022.

Why Didn’t ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Thais Want to Marry Patrick?

Thaís and Patrick had been together for about two years when they joined the show, but their romance was mainly long-distance and they had only spent time together in a vacation setting. Once the reality of day-to-day life settled in after Thaís arrived in the United States from her native Brazil, she started to see different sides of Patrick that she hadn’t seen before — like his controlling tendencies.

On the Sunday, July 31 episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Thaís was upset that Patrick made plans to attend a yacht party with his friends in Miami just two days before they were set to wed in Orlando without consulting her or asking her if she would like to attend. “I think that instead of going to a party on a boat, we should be concerned with solving our problems because he’s been very controlling, and now my dad said some things [about Patrick] as well, and since then, I am feeling in limbo,” Thaís admitted in her confessional.

“After meeting Patrick’s family, I’m feeling nervous because I’m not ready to give up on our relationship but I don’t know if I am ready to marry Patrick,” she added.

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Courtesy of Thais Ramone/Instagram

During the party, Thaís opened up to one of Patrick’s friends. “I wanna marry Patrick, but my dad’s opinion is more important to me,” she admitted. “So I respect him, in Brazil, we have a lot of respect for [our] parents and I don’t want to hurt him.”

However, during a one-on-one dinner date after the yacht party, Patrick and Thaís were able to discuss their issues and seemed to be able to come to an agreement on how to solve their problems.

Why Didn’t ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Thais’ Father Approve of Patrick?

In a previous episode, Thaís’ father, Carlos, expressed his concerns about Patrick. He was candid that he did not like Patrick and he said he felt that Americans were untrustworthy. He also believed Patrick was “deceiving” his daughter in order to fulfill a fantasy of being with a Brazilian woman.

Since Patrick didn’t feel comfortable marrying Thaís against her dad’s wishes, they arranged for a video call with him so that Patrick could ask for his blessing and hopefully change his mind.

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Courtesy of Thais Ramone/Instagram

“Maybe if I explain to him how I feel about you and he comes around a little bit more, you’ll feel better about getting married,” Patrick told Thaís in their joint confessional, and she agreed. Unfortunately, Carlos did not react well to Patrick asking for his blessing for their marriage.

“Ah, no. You don’t have my blessing,” Carlos said. “I don’t agree with this wedding of yours. Understand? No.”

“I’m just in shock,” Patrick said in his confessional. “I feel really defeated. It definitely hurts because I know he has a ton of influence on Thaís,  so I’m scared she might not go through with getting married and just go back to Brazil.”

While it’s confirmed that Patrick and Thaís do get married, it seems fans will have to keep tuning in to find out if they are able to secure her father’s blessing before they make it down the aisle.

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