90 Day Fiancé stars Kimberly Rochelle and Tejaswi “TJ” Goswami may have met by fate, but did their love stand the test of time? The two hit a rough patch after Kimberly moved to India to live with TJ, and fans are wondering if they’re still together today.

How Did 90 Day Fiance’s Kimberly and TJ Meet?

During their debut on season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Tejaswi, 33, revealed he met Kimberly two years prior after joining a spiritual group on social media. Looking to meet like-minded individuals, it was there he crossed paths with Kimberly. While she initially ignored his friend request, he called her his “destiny” and began to manifest her.

“So, I just took a screenshot of Kimberly’s profile picture and started meditation that she should text me,” he said in his confessional on the July 17 episode. “And she texted me the next day.”

Kimberly shared a similar spiritual experience when recounting their initial meeting. “One day I just, I had a dream. And that dream helped me find my fiancé,” the Alabama native explained. “We were in the desert riding dune buggies and I could just tell how happy I was. We were moving fast and having fun just feeling free. It felt like a metaphor for the life that I was going to have with this person.” 

After speaking to her spirit guides, she said not “too much later” the India native reached out. 

Does ’90 Day Fiance’ Star TJ’s Family Accept Kimberly?

While Tejaswi (who also goes by TJ) and Kimberly are on the road to tying the knot, TJ described his family as “traditional.” Despite his parents accepting the relationship with the U.S. native, he admitted it would be “easier” if he was marrying an Indian woman.

“My family expects for Kimberly to be like a traditional wife in India,” he told producers. “Contributing to the household work. But I’m not telling Kimberly. Right now, the priority is just like, get married first, all other things can be talked later on.”

During the July 24 episode, Kim admitted there were several things she felt unsure about as she headed back to India. After noting that she was dealing with the entirety of the wedding planning, Kim expressed concern about living with TJ’s family.

Kim was extremely disappointed by their apartment upon her arrival to India. After she explained there were several details she specifically asked him not to include, TJ asked her to accept the fact that some of the details may not live up to her standards. The couple then began a yelling match and she said she didn’t want to be treated that way for the rest of her life.

The pair tried to work through their differences during the August 7 episode as they discussed their cultural differences.

“My feelings are still hurt. It hurt that you just got up and left and you refused to just say that you heard me,” she told him after the fight. “I know I get aggressive and I know I get angry, and sometimes I can’t help but cuss.”

They ultimately agreed Kim would “work on [her] language” and TJ would make more of an effort to “hear” her when she voices her concerns. However, they struggled to find common ground when it came to dealing with his parents.

“We both are, like, a little short-tempered,” TJ said. “And what happened last night, you reacted and my family is very tense about that. Just gives a bad impression to everybody. What’s going to happen in the marriage if you’re doing this?”

Kim said they should be able to “have [their] own fights and not have [his] family involved,” though TJ said his parents had a right to be involved.

“TJ saying that his whole family is upset, it worries me,” Kim admitted in a confessional. “Because the fact that they’re now getting involved is just making it more clear that I’m not gonna be able to have a private conversation with my husband, it’s gonna be the whole family involved and that doesn’t seem fair.”

The September 4 episode caught up with Kim and TJ just four days before their wedding. While things remained tense between Kim and TJ’s brother, she said she was feeling good about her relationship with TJ.

After they visited their wedding venue, TJ asked Kim to talk to his family. Drama ensued when his family expressed they were upset she wore ripped jeans that showed her legs during the meeting, though TJ defended her by telling his family they need to be patient.

Kim left the gathering as the family broke out into a fight. After TJ told them that they are ruining his life “over her pants,” his brother admitted he was not in favor of the marriage.

They were all able to put their differences aside as the wedding date approached, but Kimberly admitted that she felt like they were just “putting a Band-Aid” on the issue.

Did 90 Day Fiance’s Kimberly and TJ Split Before Their Wedding?

During the September 18 episode, Kim admitted to her parents that she was worried about them meeting TJ’s family in light of all of the drama. After the couple disagreed about their problems while explaining their roadblocks, Kim told TJ to “drop the attitude.” He made it clear he was embarrassed by the remark and told Kim he didn’t like how she acted in front of her parents.

The following day, Kim said she “walked away pissed” from the dinner and got into a fight with TJ. Kim claimed TJ said he could no longer deal with their issues and “give up his existence in her life.”

After taking space from each other, Kim called TJ to get clarity about the status of their relationship. He said he felt she was happier without him and seemingly broke up with her when he declared he was “done with this.”

While the pair seemingly reconciled after Kim apologized for making TJ feel like the relationship wasn’t “salvageable,” Kim and TJ’s family finally met during the October 2 episode. Prior to their meeting, TJ asked his brother to “forget everything that happened” in order to keep the peace. 

The meeting between the two families seemingly went smoothly, with Kim’s parents simply asking for TJ’s family to accept Kim as they have with TJ. Despite the successful reunion, Kim ultimately felt the conversation was “more like a temporary truce than a solution.”

Did Kimberly and TJ Get Married?

TJ and Kimberly’s wedding was featured on the October 23, 2023, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Kimberly described the wedding as a “marathon,” as there were multiple different ceremonies that she and TJ had to partake in before becoming husband and wife. Even after the 20 hour wedding, the two had to complete more rituals in their home once they tied the knot. However, Kimberly said that marrying TJ was a “dream come true,” even after all the struggles they faced leading up to the wedding. The day after the nuptials, Kimberly also admitted that she was enjoying being married to TJ, even though she was exhausted from the lengthy wedding.

However, they ran into conflict after the wedding, as Kimberly got a taste of the culture’s expectations for wives. She struggled to accept the chores she was expected to do and continued to butt heads with TJ’s family.

TJ and Kimberly had a massive argument over their communication struggles during the November 27 episode. Kimberly begged her husband to listen to her after she admitted to feeling depressed. However, TJ did not understand how he could help her, telling her that if she felt lonely she could move back to the U.S. Kimberly screamed in frustration as she told TJ she wanted to be with him, but felt as though he didn’t want to be with her.

During the season 5 tell-all, which aired in December 2023, Kim revealed she moved back to the United States and would not be going back to India.

“At this point, I don’t know if I can count on TJ in my plans for the future,” Kim told host Shaun Robinson, before admitting she still loved TJ but had to make the best decision for herself.

Are 90 Day Fiance’s TJ and Kimberly Still Together?

Despite their troubles, the couple appears to still be making it work after filming and have reunited after the season 5 tell-all. On December 19, 2023, Kim revealed in an Instagram Live session that TJ came to visit her. 

“As far as us going to stay in India together eventually, I personally don’t see that happening. What do you think?” she said before looking back at her husband. “I don’t think that will happen for my personal dietary restraints, I don’t think that it’s good for me.”

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