90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way viewers watched as Kenneth “Kenny” Niedermeier and Armando Rubio reached a crossroads in their relationship when the discussion of having children together was broached. With no clear resolution seen onscreen, fans were left wondering whether the couple decided to have a baby.

Did 90 Day Fiance’s Armando and Kenny Have a Baby?

Kenny – who is 26 years Armando’s senior – was adamant that he did not want to have a child with Armando, citing his age as a strong factor.

“I know I’ve been dragging it I guess because sometimes reality sinks in,” Kenny said. “And the reality is my age.”

“I honestly knew – not even thought – I knew I was done having kids,” he added during a confessional. “You know, I raised four children, primarily on my own. And I loved every second of it, but I was done.”

While Kenny went on to say that he’s concerned about missing a large amount of a new baby’s life, saying, “This child, I would probably never see their children, and this is what he’s not understanding.”

Did 90 Day Fiance’s Armando and Kenny Have a Baby? Inside Their Decision
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Despite his partner’s concerns, Armando worries that time is running out for them to have a child. “A lot about what we’ve talked about is time and Kenny’s age,” he said. “Why aren’t we getting this done now, then? If that’s the issue, if that’s what we’re scared about – Kenny growing older – then why aren’t we getting this done now?”

While Kenny has four children of his own, he also has grandchildren whom they visit often in Florida.

Did 90 Day Fiance’s Kenny and Armando Adopt a Child?

In trying to reach a compromise, Kenny suggested that they look into adopting an older child. 

“I know adoption is a far-fetched option, but see like, to me, I would feel better about having an older kid and helping an older child,” Kenny said, as disappointment swept across Armando’s face. “Don’t act like that,” he added. 

The Mexico native clarified during a confessional that his frustration stemmed from the fact that they had already looked into adoption. “We went to an orphanage, and we found out that the process to be able to have an adopted child of our own takes so many years,” he said. 

“I definitely know that surrogacy is possible here in Mexico city, and it would be a much quicker process to expand our family,” Armando continued. “We can’t keep pushing it further back. It’s time to make a decision.”

Kenny later opened up about his hesitancy, saying, “This is a big decision. The biggest I think I can make, and it has to be the right one for everybody involved in the long run.” It remains unclear where Kenny and Armando stand on the topic of children, however, the couple are raising Armando’s daughter, Hannah, together.

Kenny and Armando met with a surrogacy expert in Mexico City during the August 14 episode. During the appointment, Kenny admitted he was going back and forth about whether or not he wanted a child.

The couple also learned that the entire package would cost $72,000. Kenny explained he thought he was too old to go through with the process and said he didn’t know if it was the “right” thing to do.

Later on in the episode, Kenny told Armando that his age was a concern and shared he would be more open to adoption. However, Armando said that Kenny needed to make a decision.

Are 90 Day Fiance’s Kenny and Armando Using a Surrogate to Have a Child?

Kenny shared that Armando has taken the steps to get a surrogate in Mexico and they are currently waiting to hear about next steps.

“Armando is still in Mexico but we’re like, this close to it happening,” he told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on October 2. “Everything’s been approved, everything’s done, but we’re just waiting on the interview. Everything’s going really slow but any day.”

After noting it took him “a bit” to come around to the idea, Kenny said he couldn’t let their age gap stop them from raising a child together. “At the end of the day, I thought, you know, we’re in love, we want to add to our family,” the reality star said. “We have a lot of love and love to give so we’re going through with surrogacy, and we are doing it.”

“I am beyond excited,” he continued. “[Armando’s] very excited so it’s like, it’s a blessing. I’m not the kind that lives with regrets and you know, I don’t want to live with regrets. I was at a pivotal moment there.”

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