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Meet the Cast of ‘7 Little Johnstons’ — The Biggest Little Family in the World!

​​The 7 Little Johnstons cast is one big happy family! The Johnstons star on the TLC reality show returning for a brand-new season, which follows the brood-of-seven who all live with achondroplasia dwarfism.  

This time around, viewers are in for a big change: an eighth member in their household! Joose, a 17-year-old foreign exchange student from Finland and fellow little person, moves in with the reality TV brood as he embraces American culture, learns English and teaches the Johnstons about his Finnish background. 

Since the show was released in 2015, fans have shared many questions about the famous squad, so we’ve broken down everything you need to know!

What are the Little Johnstons’ ages?

Amber and Trent Johnston are parents to Jonah, Anna, Elizabeth, Alex, and Emma. Anna and Jonah are the oldest, both 21 years old. Then comes Elizabeth, who is 20. Then Alex and Emma, who are both 16.

Are all the Little Johnstons adopted?

Jonah and Elizabeth are the biological children of Amber and Trent while Anna, Alex and Emma were adopted. Anna was in an orphanage in Russia until she was 4, before being brought into the Johnston family. Amber described to People magazine that there was “an adjustment period” for Anna, noting that “she wasn’t used to men.”

Alex made his way into the family when he was younger, at just 6 months old. As an infant, he made the journey from South Korea to Georgia, where the Johnstons reside. Amber recalled how smoothly the adoption went. “They handed over the baby and the diaper bag, and that was it,” she said.

Emma was abandoned by her family in China when she was only 5 at the time. It was then, back in 2010, when Trent and Amber went all the way to China to adopt her. “She had a meltdown when we left the orphanage, but as soon we got home, she fit right in,” Amber said.

Where do the Little Johnstons live?

The family of seven work and live-in rural Georgia. Patriarch Trent previously worked as a grounds supervisor at a college in Forsyth, according to his TLC bio. Amber is a full-time mom and is active in the local community, heading the Parent-Teacher Association and the Girl Scouts, per her own bio on TLC

In the upcoming season, however, Trent will be getting used to his new job as a car salesman as Amber juggles teaching while returning to college.

Though people with achondroplasia having their own television shows is nothing new, Amber and Trent assure that their family is unique. “There’s a lot of little people shows, but I think our bigger message is nothing stops Trent and I,” Amber told People in 2015 ahead of the show’s premiere. “We have no problem taking on obstacles that probably 5 feet and 6 and a half feet tall people would be like, ‘Hell no. I’m not going to do that.’ We don’t let size get in the way.”

The inspiring family continues to resonate with viewers and has already aired 10 seasons.

The Johnston family’s main claim to fame is that they’re the largest known family of little people in the entire world. Trent was born into a family of little people, but Amber was the only little person in her family. “We didn’t have a ‘woe is me’ attitude,” Trent explained. “My parents raised us just like every other parent would raise their child.” Amber added, “I was the only little person in a family of average people, but my parents raised me the same as my siblings. Plus, I’m the oldest, so even though I was smaller, I was always in charge!”

Click through the gallery below to meet the entire family!

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