TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons introduced Amber and Trent Johnston, a couple living with dwarfism, and their five children in 2015. Though Amber and Trent’s relationship has seemed mostly solid throughout the show’s 13 seasons, they did hit a rough patch that led many fans to speculate a divorce would be coming. But did the couple make it through and stay together?

How Did ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Couple Amber and Trent Meet?

Amber and Trent told The Mirror in 2015 that they met 20 years prior through an organization called Little People.

“It’s a group that arranges meet ups for little people and out-size family members, so people can get together, learn about medical things affecting us, and just be around other people with dwarfism,” Amber said.

Trent added that he saw a “gorgeous” girl across the room, and they instantly hit it off. Though they were only best friends for a while, Amber knew she and Trent would get married someday. Sure enough, they tied the knot in November 1998. Within five months, Amber became pregnant with their first child, Jonah, followed by daughter Elizabeth two years later. Both of their biological children also have dwarfism.

Because of the medical risks involved with Amber’s pregnancies, the couple decided to adopt their next children. They brought a teen from Siberia named Anna into their family, followed by a boy from South Korea named Alex and a girl from China named Emma.

“There are children out there in need of homes, and Trent and I were fortunate enough to be able to provide for them,” Amber told the publication of their adoptions. “We knew we didn’t need to give birth to these children to take them into our hearts.”

What Problems Have ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Stars Trent and Amber Faced?

Amber and Trent first sparked divorce rumors in 2017 when a sneak peek of a 7 Little Johnstons episode showed Trent tearfully sitting down the family for a chat. “Y’all listen up for a minute. Um, me and mom got something really important we need to tell you,” he said. “You guys are our first priority and we’re going to keep it like that. It’s tough, but it’s something we have to do.”

Amber and Trent Johnston

However, the couple quickly squashed the divorce speculation with an Instagram post of themselves at a concert. The caption read, “Y’all, we’ve got way too much love to give up on each other! #nodivorcefor7LJ #sellingthehouse #7littleJohnstons #parentstoteensandpreteens #lordhelpus.”

However, the rumors picked up again in 2019 as fans noticed a rise in tension between Amber and Trent on the show. Amber chalked this up to the challenges of raising multiple teenagers.

“We not only hit a big mark with the kids and all of them having their own personalities, but it’s definitely put a heavy strain on Trent and I,” the mom of five told Good Housekeeping in April 2019. “We’re at a very challenging mark in our family dynamics and home.”

Amber continued, “We honestly have always — in all of the challenges that we have faced and continue to face — been a team. We know that a relationship, parenting, and marriage is a constant work in progress. With both of us feeling that and knowing that, we don’t give up.”

Did Trent and Amber Get Divorced?

Thankfully, Amber and Trent did not give up, and they made it through their rough time without a divorce. The couple is still together today and celebrated 28 years together in April 2023.

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