It’s all about strategy! The Circle season 2 contestants Deleesa CarrasquilloCourtney Revolution and Lee Swift exclusively dish to In Touch who was “sneaky” from the beginning and who they “didn’t trust.” Caution: Spoilers for season 2, including who wins, are below!

Deleesa, a mom from the Bronx who catfished the cast by masquerading as her hunky husband “Trevor,” admits Lee was “the least trustworthy” to her during the competition, while her “girlfriend” Chloe Veitch, who Deleesa gushes is “really down to earth,” “had [her] back” during the season.

Who Won 'The Circle' Season 2? Lee, Courtney and Deleesa Dish
In Touch

“I didn’t trust you at all,” the New Yorker tells her costar during their joint interview. “At some point, I stopped trusting Courtney, but from the beginning, it was just something about the way you came across in your chats with me that was very … it was sneaky and, it just wasn’t authentic to me.”

She adds, “I felt like he was really playing the game. I think it was really, really strategic with what you were saying to certain people and people who you were aligned with. So, I was really watching out for you, honey.”

While Lee took it “as a compliment” but clarified he was “trying to be tactical.” The Netflix star says Courtney threw him through a loop and would flip flop in his mind as the “most” and least trustworthy. 

Finally, Courtney stayed close with Savannah Palacio most of the season and admits he didn’t recognize Chloe from Too Hot to Handle, so he “thought she was a catfish.”

CAUTION: Spoilers for who won season 2 are below!

In the end, Deleesa wins season 2, making her the first catfish to take home the prize of $100,000. She confesses she “felt bad at times” using a fake persona, which Chloe started falling for.

“When Mitchell [Eason] came in, I was just like, ‘Oh, they would be so perfect together,’ but it’s a game, and I had to do what I had to do,” she says. “At some point, the game was going to end, and at that point, I could hook them up, you know? Because I know she wanted love and, like, I thought they were so cute together.”

Although Deleesa’s strategy worked perfectly, she adds the game is “extremely difficult” and she was “constantly doubting” herself. 

“You’re constantly thinking about game play and thinking about strategy and wondering if you should trust this person. And then wondering if the person you trust, can you continue trusting them?” she says. “It was so difficult. Like, trying to figure out how do I play this properly?”

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