Morning Joe hosts and married couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have been working together since 2007. However, the two didn’t tie the knot until much later. For years, their bickering in front of the camera has intrigued viewers and many have become curious about Joe’s wife, Mika.

Who Is Mika Scarborough?

Mika was born in New York City in 1967, and she jump started her journalism career as an assistant at ABC’s World News This Morning in 1990. She progressed from there and eventually made her way up the ladder to become an anchor at CBS affiliate WFSB in Hartford, Connecticut. Mika had several varying positions in the journalism industry before she found herself at CBS News in September 2001. That led to her becoming a principal “Ground Zero” reporter for the station during the 9/11 attacks. When Joe started Morning Joe in 2007, he asked Mika to be his cohost.

When Did Joe Scarborough and Mika Begin Dating?

Viewers of Morning Joe felt that the couple had a palpable chemistry with the way they bickered as well as bantered back and forth. ​However, Mika and Joe were both married ​to other people when she became one of the cohosts on the popular MSNBC morning show ​in 2007.

Joe was married to Susan Warren when Morning Joe premiered, but the two called it quits in 2013. Mika married Patrick James Hoffer in 1993, but news of their divorce broke in 2016.

“Mika’s divorce was finalized in the past year. She’s really grateful that it was done amicably and in private,” an MSNBC spokesperson told Page Six on June 30, 2016.

However, Mika and Joe had sparked dating rumors for years, even though they both denied that their relationship took a romantic turn before their respective divorces during a May 2017 interview with Vanity Fair

“Everyone talks about how there was always something there,” Mika told the publication. “Over the past year and a half, I realized I had to face these feelings and that it was time to stop putting them in a box. It was not an easy process and it was not an easy set of decisions for either of us. It was something I couldn’t deny anymore.”

The couple ultimately didn’t go public with their relationship until May 4, 2017, when they announced their engagement.

When Did Joe Scarborough and Mika Get Married?

In May 2017, Mika and Joe took a trip to the Hotel du Cap in Antibes to celebrate her 50th birthday. While on vacation, Joe got down on one knee and proposed.

Who Is ‘Morning Joe’ Host Joe Scarborough’s Wife Mika?
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“Halfway up the hill, he said he needed to sit down. We hadn’t been feeling well, so I thought, ‘Oh, poor guy, he can’t make it up the hill,’” Mika said to Vanity Fair. “His glasses were fogging up he was so nervous. I kept thinking he really must not have felt well.”

As it turned out, Joe was simply getting ready to pop the question to which Mika responded, “Absolutely.”

Joe and Mika said “I do” a little over a year later in November 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Potential Trouble In Paradise

In April 2024, sources exclusively revealed to In Touch that Joe and Mika might have hit a rough patch in their marriage.

“Mika has reached her limit with Joe’s constant interruptions during their show, Morning Joe, and in their personal lives,” an insider said. “This frustration culminated in a dramatic confrontation that has affected both their professional dynamic and their relationship.”

The source continued, “Given the challenges of working with one’s partner, Joe and Mika may benefit from taking some time apart to cool down and address their issues. Something has to give — because the current situation is not sustainable.”

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