The Circle season 2 stars Lee Swift, Deleesa Carrasquillo and Courtney Linsen spill all of the behind-the-scenes tea about the catfishes, couples and jaw-dropping drama exclusively to In Touch after their time on the show. 

Lee, Deleesa and Courtney tell In Touch they took notes from last season’s cast, including winner Joey Sasso who walked away with the $100,000 grand prize. 


“I love the OGs of season 1,” says Lee. “Absolutely adore them. I think they’re incredible. I think Joey played masterfully. I think they all did actually.” Courtney reveals he picked up on how some of them formed “genuine relationships” and adapted the same mindset knowing that had served others well. 

Both seasons of The Circle are available to watch now via Netflix. The show continues to be on the streaming platform’s top 10 roster, as fans watch the players choose whether to be themselves or pretend to be other people to woo their fellow competitors in an attempt to win the cash. 

“I have to agree with Courtney obviously,” Deleesa, who was a catfish along with Lee, adds about what she learned from former stars. “I realized watching season 1, that they were all pretty genuine. The people that made it to the end … they stayed true to themselves.”

Lee says it was hard not to be influenced by everything happening around him when he was competing on the show. “The Circle messed with my head every day,” he admits. “You’re in there 24/7, you are by yourself.”

With it being perfectly acceptable to catfish fellow contestants, it put a lot of questions in their minds. Deleesa, for one, says she would wonder, “Is this person lying to me? This person gotta be lying to me.”

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“The only time that I would stop thinking about The Circle is when I was thinking about my family, because I was worried about my daughter … and how everything is panning out, back at home,” she adds. “I was constantly worried.”

Courtney says while it definitely caused his head to spin, he “loved it” and would be eager to sign up again. Deleesa and Lee agree, noting they’d make a great team together.

Some contestants, like Chloe Veitch, found themselves making romantic connections. But as for whether Mr. or Mrs. Right can be found on the show, they were not convinced it will be anywhere near as successful with matchmaking as Love Is Blind

Deleesa says finding a partner will likely prove to be quite difficult. “It’s not that type of show, and you can easily get your feelings hurt, like really quick. I could see that happening afterwards, but not during [filming].”

The Circle Season 2 episodes 1-12 are now available to stream on Netflix.

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