Days before the two-part series Where Is Wendy Williams? premiered on Lifetime, the former talk show host’s court-appointed legal guardian tried and failed to prevent the documentary from airing.

The February 22, 2024, lawsuit against the network’s parent company, A+E Networks, was vacated by a judge the following day. The judge ruled that the temporary restraining order against the company sought by Wendy Williams‘ “temporary guardian” would violate the First Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech.

Who Is Wendy Williams’ Legal Guardian?

Following her injunctive relief lawsuit, Wendy’s legal guardian was revealed to be Sabrina Morrissey. Wendy had been under the care of Sabrina since February 2022, after Wendy’s financial advisor declared the television personality to be of “unsound mind,” causing her bank, Wells Fargo, to freeze her accounts.

Wells Fargo then petitioned Wendy to be placed under temporary court-ordered financial guardianship amid her declining mental state.

Sabrina is a member of the New-York based Morrissey LLP, according to the New York Women’s Bar Association.

She specializes in trusts and estates law, guardianships and “small corporation matters,” per the website. Sabrina often handles cases involving the elderly and people with mental and physical disabilities. She has worked at her own practice for nearly three decades, according to her LinkedIn page. As of 2024, Sabrina also serves as president of the NYWBA.

What Has Wendy Williams Said About Her Conservatorship?

During the docuseries, Wendy revealed that she had been admitted to a “wellness center” ​against her will by her guardian, who was unnamed in the documentary. It is unclear if the guardian Wendy was referring to was Sabrina or another individual that maintained guardianship duties.

When asked about her admission into the treatment center, the former host said she “didn’t know” why she was taken there.

In a conversation with her niece, Alex Finnie, Wendy also alleged that her guardian had “stolen from [her] account” and that she had “no money” in the bank, which the talk show alum described as being “impossible.” Wendy claimed that she was going to “sue all the people involved.”

In another moment from the documentary, Wendy said that she had not left the house in “a while,” claiming Wells Fargo had her “on lock.”

What Has Wendy Williams’ Family Said About Her Conservatorship?

Wendy’s family has been working together to free her from her legal guardianship since it was appointed in May 2022. They claimed in a February 22, 2024, interview with People that they were not able to contact Wendy directly, and that all communication must go through her guardian.

“How is that system better than the system the family could put in place?” Wendy’s niece, Alex, told the outlet at the time. “I don’t know. I do know that this system is broken. I hope that at some point, Wendy becomes strong enough where she can speak on her own behalf.”

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